Tuesday, October 25, 2016

A Day in My Life #7

Monday, October 24, 2016

The alarm went off at 6 this morning. After two weeks of sleeping until I awoke it was jarring to hear the alarm. I saw Chuck off and then hit the shower at 6:30. I woke Megan up at 7. I do believe she wasn't happy about the wake up call either!

She came to kitchen for breakfast and I packed her water bottle and snack for the day. While she finished eating I went to get ready. I still needed to dry my hair. I threw in a load of laundry and we walked out the door at 7:45. 
 When I returned home at 8 the laundry was almost complete. I waited a few minutes and then took care of the laundry.  Now it is time to get something to eat. 
 I ate, had my quiet time and got on the computer for a few. By 9 I am ready to start my project for the day. 
 This door jam has never been painted.  It was this way when we moved in. Fifteen years later and I am finally getting to it! 
 Prep work takes a while. I taped it off and gave it a coat of primer. By now it 9:40 and I go back to the laundry. 
 I fold the load I washed this morning and then put the first coat of paint on the door jam. I then put away all of the laundry. I had worked on some over the weekend and never got around to putting it away.  Then I tackle the ironing. 
 I work on this until 11. The only laundry left is the items that are air dry only. They are still on the clothesline. 
 I put the final coat of paint on the door jam. By this time it 11:30 and my foot is telling me to get off of it! I listen and put my foot up for a while. I look at a new magazine and watch some TV. 
 Our laundry is in the garage and last week I stepped down the wrong way while going out and hurt my foot. I hope in another week I am back to normal. 

My parents stop by a little after noon to drop off some steel recycle for Chuck. When they leave I make some lunch. 
 Hm mm... veggie beef soup. I finish lunch about 12:30 and then take the time to pull the tape off of the door jam. 
Yay! it is done! It is now 1 and I head in to do the job I have been putting off for a week. 
 I spend 20 minutes inputting receipts and then go to tidy the kitchen. 
 Much better.  I turn on the dishwasher at 1:45 and call it done. 
I almost forgot to pull the buns for dinner out of the freezer. Whew! It is almost 2. I slip out to bring in the clothes from the line and then I freshen up before I head out for car line at 2:20.
 This is view while I wait for Megan.
 The trees lost quite a few leaves in the two weeks of break. While waiting I read, listen to Dave Ramsey and Chuck and I text some. I love our afternoon texting chats!
 Once home at 3:20 it is snack time and then homework time. A new book is started for an upcoming book report. While Megan is reading I empty the dishwasher.
 At 4:30 we stop homework and head outside for some fresh air.
 Megan hits around a ball while I am in and out getting dinner started. Chuck is home at 5 and finishes up the grilling. We sit down for dinner about 5:15.
 When dinner is over Chuck helps Megan with a few math problems.
 At 6:15 we head outside.
 Megan is playing with a homemade boomerang. Yikes!
 I watch her and start reading her book report book. That way I will know what is going on if she needs help.
 Chuck works on replacing the gates that he rebuilt. We stay out until 7. It is starting to get chilly before we head in. Once inside it is into night clothes and then we have family devotions.
When we are finished we have our first hot chocolate of the season. Yum!

As I type this Chuck is reading and Megan is sitting on the floor with pink paper and scissors creating. At 8 Megan will go to her room to read. Lights will be out for her at 9. Chuck and I plan to watch a television program and will head to bed about 10.

Another great day in the life I am grateful to call mine!

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. I loved reading about your day. I love posts like this.

  2. Yumm, the hot chocolate was the icing on the cake for the end of a your wonderful day!

    It looks like your weather is very pleasant too....I read this, as the rain was coming down here in Northern Ca..so glad, as we need it!

    Have a nice week...


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