Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A Day in My Life #6

Today is the first day of fall break! Chuck came in to say good-bye to be about 6:30. I was awake and thought I might get up in a few. Not happening since I went back to sleep and was shocked when I woke up and it was 8:46!! I guess I needed the sleep.

I was surprised Megan hadn't come in. I found her snuggled in bed watching How Its Made on YouTube. (Don't worry there are only certain things she allowed to watch and she knows what those shows are.) I hopped in the shower and then started laundry. 
Megan and I had a treat for breakfast. 
I had forgotten how terrible it makes me feel when I have sugar for breakfast. Ugh. 
Before we headed to my parents Megan and I sat outback enjoying the beautiful morning. She was snapping pictures of us. There are some doozies!
We arrived at my parents about 11. They have been working on digging a trench for drainage and Megan wanted to help. 
While Megan helped out I enjoyed this beautiful view while reading and chatting with my parents. 
About noon mom and I headed out to bring in lunch and then it was right back to work. 
My niece, Katie, stopped by which delighted Megan. They have always had a special bond. 
Katie and Megan made plans for dinner and by now it is 3. I need to head home and tell Megan she must come home for a shower before dinner. She looks like she has had a dust bath!
Once home Megan takes a shower and I fold laundry. Katie comes to pick Megan us a little after 4 and they head out to O'Charleys. 
I look at some blogs and step out to water flowers. They are still hanging on even though I can tell the change of season is affecting them. 
 Chuck and I chat before he heads home. When I tell him it is just the two of us for dinner Chuck offers to he bring home a burger and fries. Yes, please! It is a treat as Megan doesn't like burgers.
We finish up dinner about 5:45. By this time Megan is back home and she rides her bike as Chuck and I take a walk. I certainly need to exercise after my awful eating today!
 We are back home by 6:25 and go into the back yard for a little bit. We spend some time swinging.
 Chuck then goes to work on a project. He is building a couple of gates to replace some that are sagging. While he is working on that I have some quiet time.
 By 7:30 we are inside for family devotions. We then play a game together.
It is now 8:20 and Megan is in her room creating. 
Lights are out for Megan at 9. Chuck and I are going to watch some TV and I will also check out some blogs. By 10 we'll be in bed also.

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. Such a lovely day! So nice to have two treats in one day, and no dinner to cook, that is lovely! And walking is always such a nice thing to do too as a family! Hugs to you today :) Always enjoy your day in your life!

  2. Thank you for sharing your day! How special that your daughter wanted to help her grandparents and that she also got some special cousin time. Priceless!


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