Monday, September 24, 2018

Fall in My Home

Fall decided to let its presence known by ringing the day in with much cooler temperatures. Awe... what a relief that was after our string of hot, humid days. For the first time in several years I put more then a mum out front.  It was fun!  Enough chat, lets get the tour underway.  

As you walk up the sidewalk you are greeted by this display before you turn to step up onto the porch.  
Once to the door you are welcomed by a door that is wide open to let the natural light into my home.  I love doors and curtains/blinds to be open during daylight hours.  Besides letting the sunlight in, it makes a home feel welcoming. 
On top of the hutch I put together an array of fall items.  
The display box on the entertainment stand was updated with seasonal decor. 
My scent of choice for this season.  It smells wonderful! 
I generally use my decor from year to year.  This year I added two pillows to the couch.  
A banner that greets you as you walk from the living room into the kitchen. 
My table centerpiece.  
The thankful container is a new add this year.  I put small pine cones in the jars and then added a candle.  I tucked in a vine with berries and mini pumpkins.  Then placed a couple of real mini pumpkins in the center.  I plan to make a mat to go under my centerpiece.

Now for the window above the kitchen sink.  This is an area where I spend a great deal of time.  I hung the harvest banner I made several years ago. The only change is that this year I wove a strand of bittersweet berries through the top of the swag.  
I added field corn, gourds, and mini pumpkins to my vintage scale.  The window was finished off by adding the autumn blocks I previously made and Megan's small pumpkin.  I'll enjoy standing in this space as I watch the season change.

As small plaque that hangs off of the cabinet that disguises my Kitchenaid. A great reminder as I putter around the kitchen cooking, cleaning and schooling. 
A couple of small touches on the back porch.  I added mums to the hanging baskets.  I am able to spy these from the kitchen window.  
The finishing touch was to change out the flowers in my little wagon.  I usually have inpatients here that last until the first frost.  This summer wasn't a good growing season for them.  As the weather cools I enjoy sitting out here with my Bible and a cup of tea in the morning. 
I'm grateful to live in an area where I am able to enjoy all of the seasons.  Welcome Fall! 

 May you find joy in the journey as you chase your life!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Joy in the Ordinary

Look around, really look around and you will find joy... joy in the everyday... joy in the ordinary things.

Dinner prep for a pot roast.
How we torture our child! Ha!
Thankful for a cool day to spend time outside without feeling like we were in a sauna. 
Our current read aloud. 
"Threshing" the wheat that she grew.  Soon we'll mill it and make bread. Yum!
After a showing a town 70 miles southwest of us we made a stop to visit the Gus Grissom memorial. 
Not the best picture as it was a day of clouds, drizzle, and periods of pouring rain. 

My niece, Katie, has been a busy girl.  She graduated from college in May, started a new job as a special education teacher for 1st and 2nd grade, and then bought a condo.  I left this sign on her new door while she was at closing. 
Monthly grocery haul.  Hard to believe it won't be long before a new months and another grocery run. 
A dinner out with my niece, Kayla.  Cousin love! 
I've been having a terrible time keeping up with my blog.  Almost every time I go to upload photos the internet is super slow and times out.  Ugh!  Our internet provider has been in the area installing new fiber optic cables so I hope this issue will be solved soon.  All is well with me.  I'm feeling good, just busy with school, home, and enjoying the outdoors. 

May you find joy in the journey as you chase your life!

Saturday, September 08, 2018

In the Moment

The past week I feel like I am on a one of those Tilt-a-Whirl rides and can't seem to get off!  Labor Day weekend was spent moving my niece.  She bought the cutest condo!  Two family members went to their heavenly home. (my brother-in-laws mother and Chuck's great aunt) Chuck has continued to work overtime, plus had a few evenings away from home. Then the van broke down.  We think it has a transmission issue.

Monday is the funeral for Chuck's aunt and then I hope, hope, hope that things will settle down.  It has been crazy and I don't like crazy!

In the mist of all of this happening there has been good.  I was able to talk about Jesus to one of my nieces while comforting her.  Aunt Audrey was surrounded by those she loved when she went home to Jesus.  I had some quiet time Friday morning and I was able to pray for many things.  I prayed for rest for my weary husband and I saw that prayer answered.  Chuck was told there was a problem with parts and he didn't need to work Saturday.  Thankful for that answered prayer!

Speaking of Friday morning.... I spent some time tending my petunia containers.  They had been neglected and needed to be dead headed.  They also needed to have some dead vines cut out.  As I started tending to them I was thinking of all the things that needed to be done. 

After a couple of minutes of that I thought no more.  The chores will always be there.  I started to think about how I want my life. If I truly want the life that is simple, slow, and full of joy in the journey then I need to live in the moment.  That is exactly what I did.  I blocked out the other things.  I prayed, listened to sounds of the morning and went about my task with joy, living in the moment. 

All of the other things like laundry, cleaning, bringing the checkbook up to date, making plans to go out of town for a funeral and so forth will still be there.  They are task that will need to be thought about and tackled but why fret about them when I can't do everything at once.  Stopping and realizing that living in the moment is best changed my entire attitude.  Instead of fretting about a difficult week and my to do list I started to enjoy my task and I honestly say I found joy in that task.  

Life will bring us difficulties and there will always be task to complete.  It's the decision to live in the moment and tackle one thing at a time that can make a difference in our attitude, gratitude and stress level.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:34

May you find joy in the journey as you chase your life!