Monday, July 29, 2013

Garden Update

My garden is producing abundantly.  The tomatoes are starting to do their thing.  

I still have many that are green or just turning but was able to pick a few the other day.

After two years of the grapes drying up and falling off of the vine I have high hopes for these.  Last year we didn't even make it to the point that they started to turn.

Cherry tomatoes are right outside the back door.  Most of the times Megan eats these right off the vine! 

This is the last of the green beans as they were pulled last week.  I plan to replace them with peas. 

There are literally over 100 pints and quarts of these pretty things waiting to be devoured.  We have home canned green beans with almost all of our dinners.

While at the Children's Museum I saw this adorable sign.

Putting up pickles and making a zucchini coffee cake is on the agenda for today.

May your day filled with joy and contentment!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Summer Tradition....

Every year I have an idea of what I want summer to be like.  You know the lazy days of summer that seem endless.  Then reality hits and before I know it summer is rolling by faster then a freight train.  It seems to be especially true this year as our calendar is full!  So full that we have had no free weekends this month and are turning down some important events.  We are so sad that we have had to say no to VBS, a wedding and a couple of gathering with great friends.  Although sometimes stressful it is nice to feel loved and wanted!

Growing up my mom always made this cake.  It is something that her mother always made. 

Just the thought of it makes my heart and mind slow down. 

In the mist of what is sometimes chaos I want to take the time to savor simple moments.  I don't want this summer to be remembered as crazy.  I want memories of time in the kitchen, continuing a tradition, stealing a moment to laugh and love.

After lunch Megan went to swim with her cousin and the boys took naps.  I feel like I have been doubly blessed today.  Sweet memories making the cake and sweet memories enjoying it.  The heat and humidity are gone and it is a pleasant 75*.  Cool enough to actually enjoy a mug tea with my cake.  Awww... bliss!

May your day filled with joy and contentment!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Horton's Vacation

Before my parents and sisters family left for vacation we gathered to celebrate Megan's birthday.  One of the things she received was a stuffed Horton.  Who was promptly named Hootin Horton.  My 17 year old niece commented on how much she loves the Horton Hears A Who book.  Megan decided that her new friend should go on vacation with Katie. 

Thanks to technology we received regular text and pictures of Horton's adventures. Horton is very outgoing and was making new friends before they were on the road.

Ready, set... on the go!

Good bye Indiana, hello Kentucky.

Good bye Kentucky, hello Tennessee!

Finally at the hotel and settled in for the night.

Good morning Alabama!

Hmm... doesn't everyone love a muffin for snack?!

Unpacking at the beach house.

Many afternoons spent in the pool.

Sending birthday wishes to Megan.

A long distance party in honor of the birthday girl!

A home cooked meal by Grammi.

Horton had a great time away with family, but says there is no place like home!

We had lots of fun receiving text message about all of the fun Horton had on vacation.  Not only was it fun to receive all of the pictures of Horton it became a great learning moment as Megan keep a journal.

Thanks for being such a good sport Katie!  It meant a lot to Megan to feel connected to your vacation.

May your day filled with joy and contentment!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Movie Matinee!

Megan had never been to the movie theatre. Honestly we rarely go. Thanks to her cousins Megan was introduced to the movie Despicable Me. She loves the little yellow characters called Minions. As a part of her birthday we decided to take her to see part two.
I made her a "movie" ticket and we told her she could redeem it once we were back home. 

Getting closer and the excitement is building. 
There was a fun interactive display for the movie inside the door. 
Some popcorn and coke and now it is time for the show. 
Disclaimer:  This is the only picture I took in the theatre.  Megan is giving me her not another picture face! 
The movie was cute and it made us laugh out loud several times.  I might have even shed a few tears at the end. :)  I will say that there was a little more violence then I would have liked and I cringed a few times at things that were said.  Nothing seriously wrong just words and such that we chose not to use.

Megan enjoyed the experience and that is what matters. 

May your day filled with joy and contentment!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ferry Ride

While exploring we took a narrow, curvy road to get to the river. Once at the bottom we found a car ferry at the end of road.
While crossing over to the Ohio side of the river we were able to watch barges. 
A large line of cars were waiting to cross back across the river. 
Once on the other side we went the gas station to top off and get snacks.  We pulled of to enjoy our snack and watched to ferry cross a few times. 
As we were enjoying the view a storm started to form.  We tried to make it across the river before it hit.  Unfortunately after we were on the ferry it hit. 

Crossing the river during a thunderstorm made thing interesting. 

May your day filled with joy and contentment!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Watching Planes

The road from our hotel to town went past the backside of the airport. There was a wonderful spot to pull over and watch the planes.  We ended up spending a couple of evenings here.

May your day filled with joy and contentment!