Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Overdue Comeback!

I never intended to be away from my little space on the web for so long.  There was so much happening with the pandemic, politics, and bullies that I needed to step away.  I don't know what it is about people that they think it's okay to say whatever they want when they are behind a computer screen. If I don't like some ones content, they way they shop or their beliefs, I move on.  I don't understand why other people don't.  I also had someone, in my everyday life, make a snide comment about something that was on my blog.  (Please don't ask who or what it was regarding, because I'm not telling!)

Now that my negative rant is over *smile* lets move on.  For everyone who sent an email or left a comment for me... Thank you!  I didn't respond to any of them while I was away.  I do have some regret for that.  I know it was rude!  I apologize. 

What have I been up to?  First of all WE ARE DEBT FREE!  If you follow Dave Ramsey we finished Baby Step #2 and have made a small dent in Baby Step #3.  

As Dave says we are.... 
Megan is now a sophomore and still schooling at home.  I won't say we haven't had a few challenges, yet we all still happy with this decision.  

We have the best next door neighbors!  Both next door men are named Andrew.  That doesn't get confusing! 

Only one is a family man.  Their boys are here often.  As soon as the older two see us outside they are asking to come over. 
In March they added twin boys to the mix.  I am their back up babysitter.  Last week week mom met me at the fence as she got out the car and asked me to take one of the twins that had been crying for 45 minutes.  Broke my heart to have to cuddle the little man. 

Seriously, it's nice to have good neighbors.  We often meet at the fence to borrow items or chat.

On November 27th I became a GREAT-aunt.  It's such joy being an aunt!  I was happy to welcome my three nieces to the club. Meet Luke David.
Saying we are all in love in an understatement. I am counting down the days until our family cookie day.  For the cookies?  No, for the baby snuggles!

Here is are some highlights from the past year. We spent a week at our favorite beach spot in Hatteras, NC.  It was the most relaxing vacation I've ever had! My father-in-law and his wife sold their home and moved to Florida. (Megan is not happy about this.  She says he abandoned us. Yikes!) Chucks' company sold off his division and as December he is working for a new company.  The plus is that he works in the same building and does the same job.  We are praying for a smooth transition and that he continues to have a stable job.  He had been with the previous company for over 19 years. 

My everyday life hasn't changed much.  I still love home and look for joy in ordinary.  It's nice to be chatting again.  I will be back soon!