Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Season of Quiet

I felt a strong urge to step away and quiet my life. Oh, what a joy it has been! Many times I would think of this space and start a post in my head. Each time I would hear that whisper saying, "Now is not the time." For the past couple of weeks when I would think about blogging I felt peace.

 Life has changed tremendously since I typed my first post. I no longer have a little girl by my side and under my feet. Megan is now sixteen. My, how fast it has gone! Many more changes are on the horizon: driving, first job, and finishing school (in two years). That is the joy of life, it's ever moving and changing. As most mothers know, these changes aren't always easy, but how beautiful it is to see your child grow!

The season of quiet has led me to spend more time at home. I am currently working to slowly go through each space. Removing clutter, organizing and making sure each item has it's own place. I've tried doing this in the past, but would rush through it. This time it's a slow and thoughtful process. I imagine you will hear more about this.

 So, what to expect on the blog... lots of cleaning and organizing, DIY projects, gardening, and food storage as I strive to make my home a haven. Of course, there will be plenty of post about our family life. I have missed having a space to document our life, to share my thoughts and projects. I am looking sharing once again.

I'm currently on a business trip with Chuck. I'm spending quiet days in the hotel working on school planning. I know, I lead such an exciting life! *smile*