Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Putting up Corn

First off  I'd like to say I never meant to disappear.  We all know that the world has been crazy.  Really, I think we all know, so there is no explaination needed.  I needed a social media break. 
 I almost deleted my FB account.  I didn't because I belong to a couple of pantry groups that I would have missed.  Instead I have been using the unfollow button and the 30 day snooze.  I have had all I could take and it has made my life feel more peaceful.  All that to say that I am in a better place mentally and am ready to give this a go again.  

I recently stopped by our local farmers market and put in an order for corn.  I was able to pick it up this week.  There is an aroma that comes from freshly harvested corn that is hard to explain.  It has an earthly, fresh smell that can't be replicated.  
I sat on the front porch with my mom while we shucked the corn.  Thankfully it was a day with lower humidity which made the task enjoyable. 
Once the corn was washed and cut off the cob it was time to get busy.  
You'll notice I didn't say it was cut off after it was blanched.  The reason for that is I tried a different method.  After the corn was bagged in two cup amounts it was time to make the brine.  
It consisted of 3 cups water, 1 Tbs salt, and 2 Tbs of sugar. This is heated until the sugar is disolved.  (This recipe is for 10 cups of corn, so I needed to make a double batch.) A 1/2 cup of brine is added to each bag. 
I had a little over three dozen ears of corn and ended up with 7 bags that have been tucked away in my freezer.  
The instructions say to thaw the corn, drain and then heat.  Since this a new way of putting up corn I will report back later and let you know how it worked out.  

Please say "hello" I know you all are still around!