Saturday, November 07, 2015

Season of Quiet

I haven't been to my little home on the web in a little while. Not that I don't have plenty to post about, but I just feel the need to be quiet. Sometimes life can get out of control, especially during the season we are entering.

No need to worry that things are out of control around here. Anything but that. We are working to wrap up our garage project. Putting the flower beds and such in order for the winter. Writing list for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Planning a big shopping trip next Friday to purchase Christmas gifts. Cleaning my home from top to bottom. Keeping up with school activities.

Oh yeah, and a little heart surgery is planned for me on December 4th. ;) Lord willing my issue with the random, crazy heart beat will be fixed. If you think about it I could use some prayers for a problem free procedure, quick recovery and also that I will not be overly anxious.

So for now I am going to do the things I love most... take care of my family and home, enjoy life to the fullest and relish this season of quiet.