Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Laundry Makeover

Gutting the garage meant that I got to makeover the laundry area. I had a hard time finding a before shot. 
Lets take a little tour. I did some sewing and made a skirt to hide the ugly plumbing and dryer vent hose. 
Above the sink there is a shelf that I prettied up with a curtain. 
It hides vases, plant food and mosquito spray. 
A shelf was added above the washer and dryer. 
I already had this container for my laundry soap. It is a container I got years ago on clearance. I hid the word "snack" with a label I printed on card stock.  
I found these printouts on Pinterest. Originally I planned to frame them. I didn't want to spend money on frames so I went to plan B. I had wood leftover from the shelf. I cut it and used Modge Podge to glue them onto the wood. I spent $0 on these by using material that was leftover or I had on hand. 
I had Chuck cut some leftover fence boards to create a box for dryer sheets. 
The shelf was finished off with a container of clothes pins. 
This area is not pretty but it sure is functional. Chuck built this several years ago for the recycling. 
It is super convenient since it is right outside the kitchen door.  Behind it is where the iron and ironing board is stored.  I use this bar to hang clothing that needs ironed. 
As you can tell we still have some work to do in the garage. Trim needs to be sanded and painted. Along with a few other minor things. 

I mentioned earlier this week that Chuck had built a ladder for this makeover. 
He hung it from the ceiling and I am able to use it to hang clothing as I take them out of the dryer. 
It is my favorite thing!
I tuck the drying rack beside the sink and hang my clothes pin bag and normally empty hangers above the sink. 
Next to it is a sign I created is an old thermometer. It means alot to us as it belonged to our beloved neighbor, Bill. It was inside of the shed that he gave to Chuck before he passed away.  
I painted the frame for the cross stitch. It is something I made many years ago. I debated on putting it back up. For now it works. 

I love how bright and welcoming this area has become. 
It would be easy to say it is just a corner in the garage so it doesn't matter. You ladies know the laundry is place we spend much of our time. There is no reason that beauty can't meet function, even if it is just a garage laundry area. 

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Day in My Life #5

Monday, September 19th

My alarm went off at 6 am. I saw Chuck off, took a look at the checkbook, took a shower and then woke Megan up at 7. While Megan ate I packed her snack and finished getting ready. We hit the road at 7:30 since the weather wasn't clear.
 It was a fun drive! Oh, and don't worry I wasn't snapping pictures while driving. I was completely stopped. :)

I made a quick stop on the way home.
I picked up some fresh items for the week plus a treat.
 Once home I prep everything and tidy the kitchen.
 By now it is 8:45 and I sit down for a bowl of Honey Nut Cherrios and my quiet time.
 When I am finished I read some blogs and then work on some post.
 By now it is 10:30. I go to make the beds and realize that the nose bleed Megan had the night before got on her quilt. I start a load of laundry and then start on the chore of the day. Monday is my day to clean the living room. Once done I decide to clean the living room and hallway carpet.
 I finish at 11:45, throw the laundry into the dryer and head out to take a break and get some fresh air.

 I enjoy watching the birds fly from the feeder to the bird bath.
 By now it is about noon. I head back inside to start dinner.
 Can you guess what is on the menu?  Once dinner is simmering I make a lunch of leftovers.
 After lunch I catch the last of the noon news to check the weather and then fold the laundry.
 Megan's quilt had come unstiched. I had purchased the thread to repair it and now was a good time to take care of it.
 Manufacturers don't leave much extra material when they make things. My mom was with me when I purchased the thread and she suggested I use some heat and bond the help with this repair.
 I am glad she did as it was difficult to stretch the material to get it back together.
 Not perfect, but better then falling apart. Since the iron is out I do the little bit of ironing I have from laundry I completed over the weekend. While I work on this my sister calls and we chat until almost 2.
 I quickly put the clothes and ironing things away so I can freshen up. I head out for the pick up line at 2:20.
 I read, text with Chuck and listen to Dave Ramsey.
 There is construction on the way home so we are delayed and don't make it home until 3:35. About 10 minutes later then normal. I go out to water flowers and Megan works on her homework.
 She has three math problems she struggles with. She is frustrated and I tell her to take a break and we will get back to it after dinner. She is off to her room and I finish getting dinner ready. Chuck walks in the door at 5. While he changes I put dinner on the table.
 We are done eating about 5:30. While I clean up Daddy helps Megan with her math.
 They finish up and Megan goes to take a shower.
 While she is in the shower I sweep and mop the kitchen and Chuck goes out to work on a project.
 I am done with the kitchen a little after 6 and head out to read while he works and the floor dries.
 Chuck has created a mini ladder to use in my laundry room makeover.
 Once Megan is out of the shower she sits outside chatting with me before she goes into the garage to "work" while Chuck puts his tools away.
At 7:15 Chuck and Megan come in from the garage and I make Megan a snack.  
When snack is finished we have family devotions, watch some TV and Megan heads to her room to wind down at 8:30. Lights are out for Megan at 9 and Chuck and I go sit on the back porch and talk. We are back in at 9:15 because of the mosquitos. We watch TV, surf the net and then head for bed at 9:45. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Joy in the Ordinary

Look around, really look around and you will find joy... joy in the everyday... joy in the ordinary things.
 I have been enjoying what I call hot tea/sweet tea weather. I love the cool mornings and warm afternoons. This is my favorite type of weather.
 I keep telling Chuck it won't be much longer before his girl is to big for piggy back rides. Her legs will drag the ground before long!
 I know that this time of playing is fleeting. I will enjoy every moment of it while it last. Although Chuck's dad says then you have grandkids and get to play once more!
 As you can tell he is certainly a big kid at heart. :)

 Monday was a rough morning drive!
 I keep hearing there is an old wives tale that the number of morning fog predicts the number of snowfalls. If that is true it looks like we might have a white winter! There have been several foggy mornings this summer.
 A favorite snack.
I only indulge in these once a year from the apple orchard. That is definately a good thing!

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!