Tuesday, August 30, 2016

A Day in My Life #1

I was overwhelmed by all of the positive email I received about this post so by popular request I will try to document one day a week. We'll see, as I have to think to stop and document the things that I am doing. :)

Wednesday, August 24th 

Chuck woke me up to say good-bye a little after 5am. He was heading in for a little overtime. I wasn't able to go back to sleep and got up just before 5:30am. I got on the computer for a little bit and then hit the shower.

When I woke Megan up she asked for eggs. While she got dressed I put sheets in the washer and started breakfast. 
After breakfast she was off to put on her shoes and to brush her teeth and hair. I got her lunch and snack ready for the day. She took a sandwich so all I had to do was put an ice pack in her lunch box and add a banana to her backpack for snack.  We hit the road about 7:40. 

When I came home I put the sheets in the dryer. I had hoped to put them on the line, but it sprinkled on the drive home. The forecast I looked at the night before didn't call for rain, but it sure looked like rain. I went with the safe route. I then added towels to the washer. 
I had my quiet time. I am currently reading through Ephesians. I then headed out to weed the driveway. It seems to be a never ending job!
When I heard the dryer buzz I went to make the beds. 
I returned to weeding until about 10. I then switched the towels into the dryer and went to start dinner. 
I put beef chunks in the crock pot to use to make beef and noodles. I then decided to run out for a minute. 
I went to pick up some mums. 
I know many of you might wonder what I am doing buying mums when I have mentioned that our budget is tight. The thing is we live on a budget and do budget for things such as this. My total was under $10.00. I consider that doable since this will be my only purchase to add touches of fall. It also helps to make my home a haven. I find that when I feel that this space is my haven I am more content to be home. As we all know staying home is one of the best ways to save money and stay on the budget. 

By now it about 10:45. I noticed that the basket of shop towels was getting full on my way in so I threw them into the washer. 
Now it was time to tackle todays big chore. My least favorite of all... cleaning the bathroom!
It needs a deep, deep clean. Today I opted for a quick clean. Good thing I did as I had a call from my mom, Chuck, texted back and forth with my sister and had a UPS delivery. 

It is now 11:45. I grab the towels from the dryer and put the shop towels in the dryer. I hang up the daily bath towels and then fold and put away the rest. 
Lunch is leftovers. Chili and a glass of water.
I eat outside and the weather feels weird so I go in to try and catch the weather. I just miss it! Oh well, I decide to take a break and look a few blogs. 
I recently found this blog. She spent a year living like the 1940's. Including making meals using rations. Not something I would want to do, but it is interesting to read. She lives a very simple, old fashioned life and I enjoy peeking at the things she is doing. 

It is now about 12:35. I head out to water flowers. 
I use water from the rain barrel to complete this task. 
I had planted pansies in this pot. It sits on the front porch. The heat had killed them and all that was left was an empty, ugly bucket. 
I planted one of the mums in it. 
While out my neighbor, Ron, was out walking his dog. We chat for a few minutes and then I head back inside. It is now after 1pm. 
I watch some TV while I fold the shop towels. 
When I go to put them away I really want to organize the drawer. It is Chuck's space so I resist!
 I spend some time working on a blog post until 2 pm. Now it is time to get ready to pick up Megan. I freshen up, run out to get the mail and bring in the trash can. It is now about 2:20 and time to leave for carpool.

 While waiting for Megan I read some of Laine's Letters, listen to Dave Ramsey and Chuck and I text each other for a bit.

We walk in the door about 3:25 and storm sirens start to go off. I turn on the TV and see that there is a tornado warning. I keep watching and see there has been a tornado touchdown about 60 miles north of us.
At this point the weather is still north of us. I put Megan in for a quick shower and set things out to finish dinner.
 Once out of the shower Megan tackles her homework.
 She finishes some math and we go over her Bible verse.

I have keep the TV on and keep popping in the check out the latest.
 By this time the storm is over the city. I step onto the back porch to see what is happening in my backyard.
 When I come back in I hear a report that a possible tormado is on the ground. The news mentions the location and says it is heading toward X.  I pause the TV to rewind to confirm that I heard X correctly. Yup, they just listed Chuck's employers name. The phone rings and it is Chuck telling me that he has been trying to contact me for a while, but they are having trouble getting calls out. No surprise with the weather. He tells me that he won't be leaving work on time as they are on lock down and he is in a secure area.

I keep watching the news, praying and waiting for another phone call. He finally calls and says they have the all clear and he is heading home.  Praise the Lord! I get dinner finished up and keep it warm as it is taking Chuck a long time to make it home. He calls saying he has had to make several detours due to flooding and is almost home.

He arrives home a little after 6 and I am beyond happy to see him!  He calls his mom to let her know he is home and we sit down for dinner about 6:15.

By the time dinner is finished and cleaned up it is a little after 7pm. Megan is watching some TV and Chuck and I head to the back porch to chat. The skies are clear by this time and it has left the air humid. We hear a weather warning come on the TV so we head back in. This time it for a flood warning.

It is now 7:30. Chuck receives a call from his dad. While they chat I help Megan tidy her room. When Chuck is off the phone we have family devotions. It is 8:15 and Megan goes to her room to draw. Chuck is watching TV and after I finish this post I plan to read.

Bedtime for Megan is 9pm and Chuck and I will be going shortly. Tomorrow Chuck will be going in early again for overtime. Besides that the evening was taxing and we are both ready for sleep.

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Meal Time: Ravioli

It doesn't get much better then serving a home cooked meal. The whole family got in on our first attempt at making ravioli.
Six cups of flour, 1 tsp salt, 4 eggs, 1 cup of water. 
Make a well and gradually add the flour to the liquid. Eventually you will need to get your hands dirty. :)
Then you either roll it or run it through a noodle maker. This job was handled by Chuck with some help from his assistance  
Using a pizza cutter we cut out the pieces to fill. 
You can use any filling you desire. This time I made a mixture of ground beef, an egg, grated cheese and a little bit of tomato sauce. 
Run water around the edge so the dough will stick to each other. 
Then crimp the dough so the pieces stay together. 
Place in salted, boiling water for 10-15 minutes. Then place in sauce and simmer. Top with freshly grated Parmesan cheese. Yum!
Two things I learned while making this. One is to roll your dough thin. These were a little thicker then they should have been. Number two is to make your squares small. I didn't think about how much the dough would expand and we had large ravioli. Regardless it was delicious and we all agree it is something we will make again.

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!

*Note: The recipe is for a double batch. I made ravioli until the filling was gone and then froze the rest for a later meal.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Joy in the Ordinary

Look around, really look around and you will find joy... joy in the everyday... joy in the ordinary things.

Only one pumpkin has developed, but I still enjoy seeing the blooms when I look out of the kitchen window. 
We found an old typewriter while cleaning out the garage. It brought Megan hours of entertainment. 
I have been watching this guy fatten up. 
So much for squirrels not liking this seed!

Fourth, fifth and six graders took a field trip to the state museum. 
Treats for the school bake sale. 
Megan is spending much of her spare time working on embroidery. 
May your day be filled with joy and contentment!