Monday, October 17, 2022

In a Blink of an Eye

My father-in-law came into town for a memorial service and extended his stay due to Hurricane Ian. We will are super grateful that he made this decision. You see, he and his wife live in the Ft. Myers area about three miles from Ft. Myers Beach. 

After the hurricane went through, like everyone else, we knew it wasn't good. Friends made it to his place two days later. They didn't have good news. Then we found out that the community he lives in would be closed in ten days. We talked his dad into going to Florida. He and Chuck left on a Monday and when they drove up the house this is what they saw. 

The sun porch or Florida Room as Floridians call it was destroyed. Part of the roof that covered the living room and kitchen was peeled back slightly. All things that could be repaired. Then they entered the house.

Chuck said that it smelled terrible. There had been several feet of water in the house.


Things were soaked and already starting to mold.  The sad thing was that everything was still in its place and it looked like they had just walked out the door. They were able to salvage some clothing that was up high, dishes, pots and pans plus a few knick knacks. They ended up salvaging 20 totes, flower pots and two bikes.  Everything else is trashed. A total loss. 

Ron had been staying at a hotel while here. Once we found out that his home was destroyed we moved him in with us. It's crazy to think how in a blink of an eye everything can change.

He went out and purchased a car today and will be receiving his car insurance money in the next week. He is still waiting on to hear from his home insurance and FEMA. 

The plan is for he and his wife (who is Hawaii taking care of her son-in-law who has ALS) to leave here (Indiana) the first week of December. They have been offered a free condo for four weeks while they look for a new home. 

To say that my life has changed dramatically is an understatement.  At the moment I am busy helping my father-in-law with paperwork, schooling Megan, keeping house and eating a little too much chocolate to maintain my sanity. *smile* I will be back as time permits. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Writing Wednesday

 "Mother! Mother!"

"Alexi, what is all the commotion?

"It's Father! He said, he said I'm getting married!"

June paled and closed her eyes for a moment. "Sit down, daughter."

"Sit down! How can I sit down when father is destroying my life!

June sat down and waited for the dramatics to stop.

Finally Alexi crumbled onto the bed in a mix of fury and what seemed to be fear. "How could he Mother? I know you won't let him marry me off to a strange man."

June was silent as she collected her thoughts. This caused Alexi to stifle her sobs and prop herself up. "You, Alexi Mae, are the child we prayed and prayed for, our one and only."

"Oh Mother. I've heard this story my whole life."

"The problem is because you are our one and only we didn't tighten the reigns as we should have. You've always been a spit fire, a quality your father admires."

This brought a smile to Alexi's face. She had always been the apple of her fathers eye; and she knew it. 

"You see, your father and I haven't been pleased with your actions of late. We have spoken to you until there is nothing left to say."

June had her daughters attention. Alexi moved to the settee along side her mother.

June took her hand and continued, "We've been praying and waiting for you to mature."

Alexi groaned, "Oh Mother, please tell me you are not on board with this nonsense."

"Your father spoke to me about this matter Monday evening. I've been praying and gave him my blessing this morning. Alexi, it's because we love and care about your well being."

"So, who is the lucky man?" said with as much sarcasm she could muster. 

"You will meet your suitor at supper Thursday evening. Please, please be on your best behavior." pleaded June.


Alexi didn't go down for dinner. She spent the afternoon in her room alternating between tears and anger. The problem was she wasn't sure if she was angry at her father or herself. 

After a quick bath she dressed for supper. She made sure to leave her hair down as she knew how much her father loves her curls. She'd need to pull out all of the tricks to get out of this one.

The air was so thick at dinner that it could have been cut with a knife. June did her best to make polite conversation. Alexi tried to join in, but no matter how hard she tried it ended up in silence.

Finally Richard broke his silence. "Alexi, I hear your mother told you there will be a guest for supper tomorrow. I want to reiterate that we expect your best behavior."

"Why Father, are you afraid I might scare him off? Alexi said with a smirk.

"Tom is a decent man, I refuse to allow you to disrespect him or me."

"Tom?" Alexi repeated as she thought. "NO! You don't mean Carl Jenkins nephew?"

"I certainly do."

"Tommy Jenkins is old! He lives at his uncles farm. Please tell me you don't expect me to move to a farm and take care of his uncle too!" Alexi said with more force then she intended. One look at her father and she saw storm clouds.

"Tom is only 28.  Five years older than you. He only seems old because he is a mature man. More then I can say for you and the people you run around with. Sunday was the last straw. I will no longer be embarrassed by you!" Richard raged.

 "You think it's okay to stay out doing God know what with God knows who until late into the night on Saturday. You are barely presentable at church. Last Sunday you didn't even try. Telling your mother you had a headache and then joining my dinner table smelling like stale cigarettes and beer." Richard banged his fist on the table. 

"I will not tolerate you to embarrass this family and certainly won't have our guest leaving here speaking about you like you're a Trollip!" Richard pushed his chair away and stood.

"Another thing, you will be married in 30 days. Tom will be your husband unless you bring home a suitor suitable according to my standards. Alexi, I love you. I really do, but daughter, it's time."

June quickly excused herself to see to her husband. Her father had never spoken to her that way. Alexi sat stunned. 

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Weekend Recap

After what seems like years of hot and humid weather we finally had a cool down! That meant it was time to have some outside fun.

The weekend started off at the Indiana State Fair. So many sights to see. In fact, so many we didn't see them all. We all had a list of must see items. I only wanted to see the high diving show. It didn't disappoint.

See that tiny platform just below the flag? 
Yes, someone dove off of that. You must be crazy to jump from this high into a 10 feet deep pool! Not for this girl!!

Saturday was an at home day. I spent time giving my flowers love. They all needed some TLC and to be fertilized.
Do you ever start a project and it becomes one thing leads to another type of thing? Yes, that is what is happening with the work on our barn. The siding was rotting and is being replaced which led to floor needing replaced. So far, it's been replaced enough in order for Chuck to finish the siding and install the new door. 

When thinking about this project we have been thinking about the future. If we had used treated wood then it would need to be replaced again. We opted to use products that should outlast us. The floor will now be out of PVC decking. 


The plan was to end the evening with a fire. The fire was going and the yummies were purchased. Then, rain. Just enough that the fire was put out. Then of course it stopped. Oh well. I'll be ready for the next nice evening.

Sunday Chuck and I snuck off for a late lunch. He was being quite silly while we were out!
We both were fighting headaches. Once home I took a nap and he watched some television. It was a wonderful weekend. 

Have a great week!

Monday, August 08, 2022

Summertime Sides: Cole Slaw

Not sure about your area, but it's HOT here. Saturday evening we went out to cut grass about 6:30 and it was 93* with heavy humidity. Chuck trimmed while I rode the mower. I watered flowers when I was done and was beat when I came in. Whew! All of the heat gives me no desire to cook.
 Of course, I must feed my family. Eating out all of our meals isn't in the budget. I have been making quick items and avoiding the use of the oven.
The crock pot has been a life saver.  I put a pork roast in for pulled pork, made cole slaw to cool in the refrigerator and served with potato chips. 
My go to recipe for cole slaw Chick-fil-A. Long time readers might remember that worked there for years. I have made this recipe countless times. A little secret is that they use Kraft Mayo. 
I'd love to hear your beat the heat recipes. 

Monday, August 01, 2022

Hotel Life

Last week I accompanied Chuck on a business trip. Don't get too excited. We stayed near the Cincinnati airport, which is actually in Kentucky! 
Sadly the hotel didn't have breakfast included. After looking at the restaurant menu I decided I would eat in the room. The prices were outrageous, which is to expected. This was my breakfast of champions!

I enjoyed a beautiful view! Ha! 

The room had a very nice desk. I took along all of the school books and was able to get most of this years school planned. Yes!

While I was working on school was able to watch HGTV and Hallmark. Christmas in July! Who doesn't enjoy the Christmas movies. 

The room was nice until you got into the shower. It was super creaky!! You would climb in and everything was fine. As soon as you would move it was creak, creak, creak. I asked Chuck if he noticed anything about the shower and he immediately said, "The creak." Yes! I told him I feared I would end up the room blow us! Seriously, I didn't think that would truly happen, but it did give us a good laugh. 

There was a nice town not about 15 minutes from the hotel. The first day we ran there for a fast food lunch. An hour wasn't enough time and we were in a rush so Chuck wouldn't be late for class. We ended up hitting a grocery store and had lunch in the hotel the rest of the week.

That is except for one day when I ventured off by myself.  While blogging I have interacted with some ladies that have become friends. I was finally able to meet one of those ladies.

Meet Kathy! She no longer blogs, but we have been able to keep up on Facebook. She is just lovely! She has a cute southern accent and we hit it off like we had known each other forever. We talked and talked for about 2 1/2 hours and could have chatted longer. She's super sweet and it was great to connect with a kindred spirit! The highlight of my trip. *smile*

Hotel life meant we dined out every evening. I know to a homemaker that can sound like heaven. Honestly, I was sick of eating out by the time we left. We tried to hit local places. 

This restaurant had the best cheese fries we have ever had. You know so many places put cheese on top and the fries on the bottom are just fries. This place had cheese all through the bowl and big chunks of fresh bacon. Yum!

While we were at the hotel Megan was 40 minutes away living her best life. This is one of the views she enjoyed for the week.

She stayed with a cousin and had the best time fishing and roaming the countryside. She even brought some of the fish she caught home.  Thankfully they were already cleaned! We invited my parents over for dinner and enjoyed a fish fry.

It was a wonderful week. Chuck and I had to reconnect and Megan was able to make life long memories. As great as it was to get away, there is no place like home!

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Season of Quiet

I felt a strong urge to step away and quiet my life. Oh, what a joy it has been! Many times I would think of this space and start a post in my head. Each time I would hear that whisper saying, "Now is not the time." For the past couple of weeks when I would think about blogging I felt peace.

 Life has changed tremendously since I typed my first post. I no longer have a little girl by my side and under my feet. Megan is now sixteen. My, how fast it has gone! Many more changes are on the horizon: driving, first job, and finishing school (in two years). That is the joy of life, it's ever moving and changing. As most mothers know, these changes aren't always easy, but how beautiful it is to see your child grow!

The season of quiet has led me to spend more time at home. I am currently working to slowly go through each space. Removing clutter, organizing and making sure each item has it's own place. I've tried doing this in the past, but would rush through it. This time it's a slow and thoughtful process. I imagine you will hear more about this.

 So, what to expect on the blog... lots of cleaning and organizing, DIY projects, gardening, and food storage as I strive to make my home a haven. Of course, there will be plenty of post about our family life. I have missed having a space to document our life, to share my thoughts and projects. I am looking sharing once again.

I'm currently on a business trip with Chuck. I'm spending quiet days in the hotel working on school planning. I know, I lead such an exciting life! *smile*

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Overdue Comeback!

I never intended to be away from my little space on the web for so long.  There was so much happening with the pandemic, politics, and bullies that I needed to step away.  I don't know what it is about people that they think it's okay to say whatever they want when they are behind a computer screen. If I don't like some ones content, they way they shop or their beliefs, I move on.  I don't understand why other people don't.  I also had someone, in my everyday life, make a snide comment about something that was on my blog.  (Please don't ask who or what it was regarding, because I'm not telling!)

Now that my negative rant is over *smile* lets move on.  For everyone who sent an email or left a comment for me... Thank you!  I didn't respond to any of them while I was away.  I do have some regret for that.  I know it was rude!  I apologize. 

What have I been up to?  First of all WE ARE DEBT FREE!  If you follow Dave Ramsey we finished Baby Step #2 and have made a small dent in Baby Step #3.  

As Dave says we are.... 
Megan is now a sophomore and still schooling at home.  I won't say we haven't had a few challenges, yet we all still happy with this decision.  

We have the best next door neighbors!  Both next door men are named Andrew.  That doesn't get confusing! 

Only one is a family man.  Their boys are here often.  As soon as the older two see us outside they are asking to come over. 
In March they added twin boys to the mix.  I am their back up babysitter.  Last week week mom met me at the fence as she got out the car and asked me to take one of the twins that had been crying for 45 minutes.  Broke my heart to have to cuddle the little man. 

Seriously, it's nice to have good neighbors.  We often meet at the fence to borrow items or chat.

On November 27th I became a GREAT-aunt.  It's such joy being an aunt!  I was happy to welcome my three nieces to the club. Meet Luke David.
Saying we are all in love in an understatement. I am counting down the days until our family cookie day.  For the cookies?  No, for the baby snuggles!

Here is are some highlights from the past year. We spent a week at our favorite beach spot in Hatteras, NC.  It was the most relaxing vacation I've ever had! My father-in-law and his wife sold their home and moved to Florida. (Megan is not happy about this.  She says he abandoned us. Yikes!) Chucks' company sold off his division and as December he is working for a new company.  The plus is that he works in the same building and does the same job.  We are praying for a smooth transition and that he continues to have a stable job.  He had been with the previous company for over 19 years. 

My everyday life hasn't changed much.  I still love home and look for joy in ordinary.  It's nice to be chatting again.  I will be back soon!