Thursday, November 22, 2018


This year we stayed close to home for Thanksgiving.  I was tasked to make some desserts.  Wednesday night my sidekick and I got busy.  
I'll let you in a secret... everything I made came from a box.  Gasp!  I am giving myself grace.  If I don't have the time (which I didn't this year) to cook from scratch, then so be it.  Relaxing my hard on myself standards are a good thing.

Since our drive to dinner was under fifteen minutes we were able to have a slow morning. 
 We enjoyed our traditional cinnamon rolls and watched the parade.  It was delightful to not be rushing around to finish food and heading out for a road trip. 
Megan doctored her shirt.  It said "Happiness" and she taped over part of it to say Thankfulness.  She called it her comfy and festive shirt.  Ha! Ha! 
The whole gang was at my parents.  There was good food and a ton of laughs. We left with yummy leftovers and many memories stored away. 
Once home we relaxed and finished off the evening with a holiday classic. 

O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good; for his mercy endureth for ever. 1 Chronicles 16:34

I hope your day was full of food, family, new memories, and thankfulness. 

May you find joy in the journey as you chase your life!

Sunday, November 04, 2018

Hello November

November is one of my favorite months. I love the crisp morning air, the smell of the fallen leaves, beauty of the leaves still holding on, and the sight of  freshly harested fields. Oh, and Thanksgiving. It's one of those holidays that require food, family, and more food. That is the only expectation. So, I welcome November with open arms.
November started off with monthly grocery shopping and meal planning.  
I made a trip to Meijer, Kroger, WalMart and Sams.  Have to hit the loss leaders to stretch the budget and keep the pantry stocked.  My pantry and freezer are now full of good stuff.  I was hopeful to not return until the week before Thanksgiving.  I forgot to get a two liter of cola for making pulled pork and it looks like our supply of milk won't hold out that long.  Bummer, but at least the list is short.

How did you do with the time change?  The only good thing about it is that for a few weeks I wake up earlier.
I was rewarded with a beautiful sunrise Sunday morning.  Then came evening with the early sunset.  Boo!  I'm not a fan of the early darkness.

  We left home at 9:30 this morning and didn't return until after 3:30.  We were invited by a family we meet this morning at church to join them for lunch.  She came up and introduced herself and chatted for a few.  She then returned a few minutes later and invited us her home. She said that she felt the Lord nudging her to do so.  It turned out to be the pastors' daughter.  After we arrived the pastor and his wife walked in.  Turns out that she makes a large lunch for her family and parents each Sunday.  It was a wonderful afternoon.

One of things Chuck and I have talked and prayed about is finding a church were we felt welcomed and wanted.  It seems that the Lord is answering our prayers.

The time change and a busy day have left this girl tired.  It's off to bed with me so I can be fresh for the morning.  

May you find joy in the journey as you chase your life!