Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Project + Slow + Home

Chuck redeemed his birthday coupon this weekend.
We spent some much need time at home. Almost three full, glorious days! I can gladly say home is my happy place! Especially when my family is here. :)

We planned to give our home a little attention and tackle a project. Painting this porch post was on the list. I will give you hint and say it wasn't used for a porch. ;) I will post what we did with it tomorrow. 
We didn't add new mulch last year and the flower beds were in desperate need. 
The seasonal flowers have been planted and the mulch spread out. 
We could use some more, but it is much better. That will be a project for another day. 

We did some work in the garden. Megan planted the last of the seeds.  Corn and cantaloupe. 
We feel like we had a productive weekend. 

It wasn't all work though. Our new back porch table was put together. We have some very pesky squirrels who love to rip into our chair cushions and take away the stuffing for their nest. We tried to keep them up but it was hard when we were working outside and using the chairs mutliple times a day. Just leaving them out for an afternoon sometimes resulted in those those little devils ripping into one. After 15 years of replacing a cushion or two each year we decided to purchase a set that did not require cushions. In the long run it should save us money and frustration. 
We broke in our new furniture by dining al fresco several times. 
It was a warm weekend so I made sure to stop and rest multiple times. I enjoyed a nice view while reading in the shade. 
The weekend ended with a fire. 
Where I was queen of the burning marshmallow! This doesn't normally happen to me, but almost every one I touched caught on fire. Oh well, we got a good chuckle out of it. 
As sad as I was to see this weekend come to a close I am once again reminded that my heart truly is always home. 

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!

Thursday, May 26, 2016

May Madness

May has been a hopping month! The schedule is full, full, full. We started off by celebrating our 15th anniversary on the 4th.
Megan was rewarded for being a top fund raiser. She received a ride in the Chicken Limo to have lunch at Chick-Fil-A.
Some of her best friends went with her which made it even more fun!
Spring concert. 
The fourth, fifth and sixth graders went on a field trip to the Indiana State Capital. 

A few days were spent at camp. The highlight of the trip for Megan was catching her first fish!!
I got to see my boys! (the ones I watched for years) Eli had his pre-K graduation. Hard to believe he will be in kindergarten!
Megan took first place in the science fair. She received 100% from both judges.
The last day of school was celebrated with awards and then the annual balloon launch.

Spring has been crazy. It has been cooler then normal and we have had an abundance of rain. Finally it warmed and dried up so we have been squeezing home things between the busy. The garden was planted this week. 
All of the garage things we were storing on the back porch were put away and things were removed so it could be cleaned and arranged for summer.
Chuck also celebrated his 45th birthday on Monday. This week alone we have something on the schedule for each evening. Throw in a curve ball of my uncle passing away that added an even later Wednesday evening out as Chuck helped my dad pick up something from my uncles home. 

Chuck asked for one thing for his birthday... a weekend at home. I made this coupon for him.
He plans to redeem it this long holiday weekend. I do believe it will be a gift to the whole family!

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!