Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Laundry Makeover

Gutting the garage meant that I got to makeover the laundry area. I had a hard time finding a before shot. 
Lets take a little tour. I did some sewing and made a skirt to hide the ugly plumbing and dryer vent hose. 
Above the sink there is a shelf that I prettied up with a curtain. 
It hides vases, plant food and mosquito spray. 
A shelf was added above the washer and dryer. 
I already had this container for my laundry soap. It is a container I got years ago on clearance. I hid the word "snack" with a label I printed on card stock.  
I found these printouts on Pinterest. Originally I planned to frame them. I didn't want to spend money on frames so I went to plan B. I had wood leftover from the shelf. I cut it and used Modge Podge to glue them onto the wood. I spent $0 on these by using material that was leftover or I had on hand. 
I had Chuck cut some leftover fence boards to create a box for dryer sheets. 
The shelf was finished off with a container of clothes pins. 
This area is not pretty but it sure is functional. Chuck built this several years ago for the recycling. 
It is super convenient since it is right outside the kitchen door.  Behind it is where the iron and ironing board is stored.  I use this bar to hang clothing that needs ironed. 
As you can tell we still have some work to do in the garage. Trim needs to be sanded and painted. Along with a few other minor things. 

I mentioned earlier this week that Chuck had built a ladder for this makeover. 
He hung it from the ceiling and I am able to use it to hang clothing as I take them out of the dryer. 
It is my favorite thing!
I tuck the drying rack beside the sink and hang my clothes pin bag and normally empty hangers above the sink. 
Next to it is a sign I created is an old thermometer. It means alot to us as it belonged to our beloved neighbor, Bill. It was inside of the shed that he gave to Chuck before he passed away.  
I painted the frame for the cross stitch. It is something I made many years ago. I debated on putting it back up. For now it works. 

I love how bright and welcoming this area has become. 
It would be easy to say it is just a corner in the garage so it doesn't matter. You ladies know the laundry is place we spend much of our time. There is no reason that beauty can't meet function, even if it is just a garage laundry area. 

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. Oh wow Wendi, it turned out great! I love the idea of the ladder for hanging clothes. What a great idea. I love the signs too...very crafty!
    I re did my laundry space a few years back and painted it yellow and hung up a cute little laundry sign. Mine is the size of a small closet hidden away behind bifold doors, so I actually fold all my clothes on the table. It works for me. And it always gets done. ;)
    Enjoy your week!

  2. That ladder is the best! Love it.

    And you are right, if the laundry area is neat and tidy (and attractive as we can make it) then we are more likely to spend more time on it (or at least enjoy it a bit more, lol).

    Right now, my laundry room is packed with tools and various odds and ends from moving, that we don't have a shop/storage for. Come Thursday, that won't be an issue, as the shop will be built, hooray!

  3. I love, love, love it!!! 💙💚💛💜 It looks like such a happy area.

  4. I absolutely LOVE it! I love the ladder and I really love the wooden box for dryer sheets. How clever! I am a laundry girl, I actually enjoy doing laundry, it's my favorite chore by far. I love the signs too. I love that you can dream up a project and Chuck can make it for you and all of your special touches.

  5. This looks wonderful, Wendi. Great ideas and you were very resourceful. Happy laundering!

  6. Who wouldn't love doing laundry in such a lovely space ? You did a great job utilizing the area you had in your garage! What an inviting place to do this almost daily chore..

    I only wish I had thought of these ideas when my laundry was in the garage of my former home.

    I am like Kathy, I have always enjoyed doing laundry, even when my laundry space wasn't quite suitable.

    Great job! I love it!!

  7. Very cheery, a happy place to do laundry.

  8. Wow Wendy! You all did a great job! I really like the wood cutouts and the cross stitch.. Oh and the curtains really are the cherry on top! Bravo!

  9. I think it is pretty and functional. You did a great job.

  10. I love it! Great job!

  11. Wow...it looks amazing. I LOVE the idea about modge podge pictures. How wonderful. Great job!!! I have missed you friend.

  12. This turned out really well! Awesome job!! Have a great week!



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