Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Getting It Done

We have been spending our weekends getting some things accomplished. Labor Day weekend was the beginning of less humid days and we have been taking advantage of them.
My first project was weeding. I finally finished the driveway!
I then moved on to the front flower beds and the one behind the house. Not only did I weed but I also cut many things such as peonies and spent hostas down for the season.
Chuck worked on changing the brakes on his ride.
The big project has been the fence.
140 ft complete!
There is bout 60 feet left to go. 
It has been pressure washed and if the weather cooperates it should be stained Saturday. Chuck will be one happy man to mark this task off of the list!
I have been feeling the need to create. I am thankful for a husband that supports this part of me and is willing to help out. I am in the process of making a sign. Daddy and his partner cut the boards and put it together once I had the pieces sanded.
Creating signs for the laundry area. 
I need to do some sewing and we are working on another project for this area. I hope to have it finished this week and be able to show you it off next week.
These tables are done! They are sitting in the garage curing. We will deliver them to Josh and Alison this weekend. I can't wait to get them out of the garage!
There was a water mishap in the bathroom and ended up in the hall. Yikes!

Oh what a mess it was! It resulted in new carpet pad and days of drying out carpet. Thankfully Chuck's cousin use to install carpet. We were able to borrow his tools to put the carpeting back. Before that happened I mentioned that the woodwork could use a good clean. Chuck took care of that and mentioned that it really needed another coat of paint. Since the carpet was out it as a good time to tackle this.
Once the trim was done Chuck determined that he needed to remove two doors to get the carpet seamed correctly. Since the doors were off it was a good time to give them another coat of paint also. It became a one thing leads to another project! Two doors to go but that will wait for a little bit.

As you can tell we have busy around here. It feels good to get some things done!

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. Great work!
    You're right, it DOES feel good to get stuff done. :D

  2. I love your signs, did you write those out yourself? What beautiful handwriting you have.

  3. Love the signs! looks like you are keeping busy already this fall ;-) Take time to rest too!



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