Friday, April 17, 2015

Just Say No

Sometimes you just have to say no. This past weekend was one of those times. We had a full schedule for the weekend and when we woke up Saturday we hit the floor running. Chuck was in a hurry to get a long a waited task completed and I was inside in a hurry to get the day started so we could leave and fulfill the busy schedule.
Chuck called to tell me he was on his way home from the steel run. We both had been thinking the same thing...  sometimes you just need to say no. When you are on the go constantly nothing gets accomplished at home. It was decided that we would cancel our Saturday plans and it would be a say no kind of day.
That doesn't mean that we sat on the couch all day and did nothing.  We were plenty busy.
Busy at home.
Busy at a slow pace.
Busy doing things that needed attention at home.
Busy doing things that were important to us.
Busy doing things for us and not the world.
Busy doing things that caused us to feel renewed and not drained.
Sometimes you just need to say no and go with slow. You know what? It really is okay to do this.

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. Amen in capital letters. I loved this post. Sometimes we are so busy that home can and will get neglected and so will our family times. We even get so caught up in our busy lives that we can not hear God speak. We must slow down and enjoy the life that God has prepared for us. Great post thanks for sharing. I for one really can relate to this post.l

  2. Yes! (And I'm super impressed by all your nicely ironed clothing!)

  3. Anonymous7:24 AM

    Here's the thing: you could do nothing!!! I have harmed myself physically and emotionally (mostly physically) because while I've never had an issue with saying 'no', I don't know how to take at 'at home' vacation day! And the Lord is guiding me to do this today. Just going to keep up kitchen tidy/washing dishes. If you ever have burnout where you're shocked (like me) at how you never seem to feel 'well', consider taking a day like this (my husband encouraged me and I do have his blessing 100%). And as a blogger, I encourage you to 'not explain' beyond that you were able to drop 'busy'! ;)

  4. That's my kinda of day....I love when we just say NO to the world and just stay home. Love this post

  5. I'm so glad you said no and had a good day at home.

    I agree with you so often, almost makes me think we are the same person but living in 2 different bodies :)

    Hope you have another happy weekend

  6. I, too, loved this post. It is so what I need to do! The past few weeks have been incredibly busy as we near the end of Jonathan's school year as well as mine. Lots of end of school year activities! I also have been having some major knee issues that has put me way behind on cleaning and yard work. I need to take a week-end to say "no", my home needs me and I need it.

  7. Good for you! Saying no is the hardest thing to do sometimes....but so necessary for our health. Looks like you were able to do what needed to be done for your family and what a blessing that is!

    Take Care!



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