Thursday, August 07, 2008

Hodge Podge

Yesterday was busy! Even though it was busy I wasn't able to get much accomplished. I had all of my daycare kids yesterday. Including Megan I had 6 kids here, fortunately my niece was here for the afternoon to help out.

I tried cutting fabric during nap time. Wouldn't you know that someone woke up. Ethan (who is 12 mos) woke up by noon. I had just gotten everything set up and cut a couple of strips and then I heard him cry. Ugh! The good thing is that he went down later in the afternoon.

Megan is losing her baby look and I find that very sad. I ran across this picture and think she looks like such a big girl.

She is doing her favorite thing. I think she would be happy if we had no toys and only books. Well, as long as she had her Miss Bunny!

We ended up with a surprise date night! My mil came over this afternoon and ended up taking Megan home with her. We grabbed a quick burger and then headed to JoAnn Fabrics. Thanks to their 40% off coupon I was able to get a new rotary cutter! Yeah! Then we went to the auto store to get a new oil pump for Chuck's truck. We are such an exciting couple!

Yes, the truck is still broken. It has been a nightmare. They have been talking about things like raising the engine, yikes! Chuck's uncle is coming over tonight and I hope that they can figure it out.

Gotta run. My niece and nephew will be dropped off shortly. The humidity has finally lifted so hopefully we can spend the day outside. You should see the weeds! Have a great day!


  1. Sera's losing her baby look, too. It's bittersweet. Our babies are becoming such big girls!

  2. Your date nights sound like ours! But just being alone together is what counts since it doesn't happen much. Great deal at Joann's, too! :)


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