Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Change of Season

I find it so hard to believe that next weekend is the end of Summer. Although I know that Labor Day weekend is not the official end of Summer I always associate it with the beginning of Fall. Even though Spring is my favorite season Fall is a close, close second.We are back in the dog days of Summer with hot, humid days but Fall is making it's presence known. I looked out my bedroom window and noticed my neighbors tree is starting to change.

This a beautiful Maple tree and I so enjoy sitting outside on a cool morning or evening sipping tea and looking at the brilliant colors.The one thing that I don't find so great about the change of season is this.

Until I had a child I never knew what a pain it was to change out clothes for each season. Poor Megan has tried on so many outfits! I had her try on her 18 month clothes from last Winter. I am happy that the 18 month jammies she got for Christmas now fit!

I had Chuck pull out the size 2 hand me downs from my sister. (Thanks Aunt Jenni!) My plan is to go through them and pick out what fits Megan now and then pack the rest away for a future growth spurt.

While Chuck was in the shed I had my Fall decor pulled out. I am so excited to put everything out next weekend! Mom even stopped by Saturday with a cute Fall flag for out front. Thanks Mom!

I will be spending the day sorting and washing clothes.Even though it is not a fun task I am grateful for all the clothes that have been gifted to us. I am also grateful that I live in an area where I can see a distinct change in each season.


  1. What a blessing those clothes are!

    I'm looking forward to fall too. Our falls seem short and usually more summer like but the leaves change and I will have plenty of raking to do! It is always so pretty!

  2. I love fall!! It is my favorite season. To give you perspective on how HUGE my boys are compared to your cute little daughter...I realized, I will need to buy 18 month jammies for my 6 MONTH OLD to get him through the winter!! What is up with my kids?? hee,hee...
    I love reading your blog, its one of my favorites!

  3. I am so with you!! And I agree...I had no idea the clothes thing would be so difficult to keep up with. Now I'm trying to find a method of passing clothes down so that Joshua's clothes are available for the new baby.

  4. Wendi,

    The air has just started turning a little "crisp" here--I love watching the leaves turn, and am amazed you have some that are already!

    I've been sorting clothes, too, making sure we have what we need on hand for the winter ahead!

  5. I am sure going to miss the changing leaves this year! It was 96 degrees here today; not too much like fall. On the positive side, I won't have to lug out all of the winter clothes now. ;)

  6. Fall is my favorite season, but only since I've had children. There's something wonderful about bundling up your precious little ones before sending them out to play, and then lingering in a warm kitchen to prepare hot chocolate for their return.

    Yes, sorting through clothes is no fun, but I, too, am so very thankful that God continues to provide for our family each season.


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