Monday, September 24, 2018

Fall in My Home

Fall decided to let its presence known by ringing the day in with much cooler temperatures. Awe... what a relief that was after our string of hot, humid days. For the first time in several years I put more then a mum out front.  It was fun!  Enough chat, lets get the tour underway.  

As you walk up the sidewalk you are greeted by this display before you turn to step up onto the porch.  
Once to the door you are welcomed by a door that is wide open to let the natural light into my home.  I love doors and curtains/blinds to be open during daylight hours.  Besides letting the sunlight in, it makes a home feel welcoming. 
On top of the hutch I put together an array of fall items.  
The display box on the entertainment stand was updated with seasonal decor. 
My scent of choice for this season.  It smells wonderful! 
I generally use my decor from year to year.  This year I added two pillows to the couch.  
A banner that greets you as you walk from the living room into the kitchen. 
My table centerpiece.  
The thankful container is a new add this year.  I put small pine cones in the jars and then added a candle.  I tucked in a vine with berries and mini pumpkins.  Then placed a couple of real mini pumpkins in the center.  I plan to make a mat to go under my centerpiece.

Now for the window above the kitchen sink.  This is an area where I spend a great deal of time.  I hung the harvest banner I made several years ago. The only change is that this year I wove a strand of bittersweet berries through the top of the swag.  
I added field corn, gourds, and mini pumpkins to my vintage scale.  The window was finished off by adding the autumn blocks I previously made and Megan's small pumpkin.  I'll enjoy standing in this space as I watch the season change.

As small plaque that hangs off of the cabinet that disguises my Kitchenaid. A great reminder as I putter around the kitchen cooking, cleaning and schooling. 
A couple of small touches on the back porch.  I added mums to the hanging baskets.  I am able to spy these from the kitchen window.  
The finishing touch was to change out the flowers in my little wagon.  I usually have inpatients here that last until the first frost.  This summer wasn't a good growing season for them.  As the weather cools I enjoy sitting out here with my Bible and a cup of tea in the morning. 
I'm grateful to live in an area where I am able to enjoy all of the seasons.  Welcome Fall! 

 May you find joy in the journey as you chase your life!


  1. All of your Fall decorating looks so festive and homey. I think your banner looks very nice with the bittersweet vine added to it. Here, near St. Louis, we are finally having some cooler days. It is feeling so fresh and nice for a change. I enjoy having my curtains and front door open in the day time to let the light in also. This summer the sun has been so hot I've had the window shades closed all day, every day, to keep the heat and sun out. Our front door paint was feeling soft on some of the hottest days from the sun beating down on it. Since in our area we almost skipped spring weather completely, I am hoping for a long, mildly cool Autumn to make up for our missing Spring. Thanks for the inspiration to get busy and put some of my Fall decorations out.

  2. I really enjoyed touring your home! I have yet to add many fall touched to mine, other than switching out my door wreath. You are inspiring me to get busy and decorate---before it's time for Christmas decorations!

  3. It's all so beautiful. I think the kitchen sink area is my favorite. You are right about us spending a lot of time there; why shouldn't it be pretty??? I must get busy and do mine!

  4. It looks wonderful!!!

  5. I love all the tings that you have done. I have not put any fall out yet, I think I am sad that summer is going. I actually feel like I did not have a summer with the mom thing. But I am hoping this trip will inspire me and I will come home and have a new outlook on life.

  6. Wow, that is beautiful! It should feel make all who enters feel right home and leave feeling very blessed.
    Thank you for the fall tour!

  7. So perfectly cozy and ready for fall, my friend!
    I love all your touches.
    Have a cozy evening!

  8. Wendi, your decorating style is so sweet and charming ❤️ I’m a big fan.

  9. Beautiful fall decor! I especially like your wreath and your table centerpiece. A mat underneath will set it off just right. : )


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