Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Monday, Monday

Since I like to peek into the days of others I thought I would share Monday with you. The alarm went off at 6am and I was not ready to start the day. I hit snooze and then Chuck came in and asked if this sleepy head was going to get up. Yes, yes, I am getting up. I saw Chuck off and then hit the shower. 

By now it is almost 7 and it was time to get Megan up. She was awake when I went in, but not ready to start the day. Once she was up and moving I was off to finish packing her lunch box. She took a hot item so I need to heat that up and put it in the thermos. Next was breakfast and then out the door. We were running a little behind and left about 7:45. 

After dropping her off I made a stop at the post office and then it was home where I started laundry.  
The morning was cool. Actually in the 60's. All of the windows were open to air out the house. I made the beds and then did a quick tidy. Monday is my day to clean the living room. Last week I did a deep clean. I had pulled out furniture to vacuum, washed nic nacks and used the duster to wipe down the walls. Since I had cleaned so deep I skipped that chore today. I can always do a quick dust later in the week if need be. 

The pleasant temperature were begging me to be outside. I headed out to weed the driveway. 
Chuck had sprayed it and I wanted to get the dead weeds up. We could use another load of gravel, but that won't happen this year. 

My laundry is in the garage so I opened the garage door so I could tell when the laundry needed switched.  I dried using a mix of the clothesline and the dryer. 
I needed to open a new box of dryer sheets. I cut them in half and then dated the box. That helps to know how long they last and how many I should keep on hand. 

After each load I took the time to fold and put away. 
It was such a nice day that I took each load onto the back porch to fold.
This is my view as I was folding laundry. 
By this time it about 10:30 and I stopped weeding and headed in to start dinner prep. Chicken pot pie was on the menu. I pulled a couple of chicken breast out of the freezer and put them on to boil. While they were cooking I prepped the veggies. 
I tended laundry as needed while doing this. When everything was in the pot cooking I did a quick tidy of the kitchen.  
Don't look to closely at the kitchen as Tuesday is kitchen cleaning day. After the kitchen was in order it was about 12:15 and I decided it was break time. I made lunch and headed outside. 
After lunch I enjoyed some quiet time and checked e-mails and looked at a few blogs. I realized it was about 12:50 and knew I needed to get back at it. I had gotten all of the laundry washed, folded and put away. All that was left to do now was to iron a few things. 
The only left was a lonely pair of tennis shoes that weren't quite dry. 
It felt good to have all of the laundry complete. I know tomorrow I will be back at it washing sheets. I am okay with that. Laundry means I have love ones around and we have plenty to wear. Both are a blessing.

I had been stopping in the kitchen from time to time to check on dinner. 
It is done! I placed it into a bowl to save until it was time to create the pie. After breakfast, cooking the pie filling and lunch my dish washing servant was full and ready for action. 

It is 1:45 and I went out to retrieve the mail and then took a look at the garden. Not much to look at as it is almost finished. I then took the time to freshen up. I combed my hair, washed my face and put on fresh make-up. 

I took some time to reflect on how happy I am to be able to be the keeper of our home. Many women long to be able to stay home and many don't appreciate that they are able to be home. I have been in both places. Thankfully my heart changed and I see what a blessing it is to not only be able to stay home, but to serve my family with a joyful heart. 

It is not always easy. As long time readers know the debt associated with my heart surgery has been a real struggle for us this year. We recently contemplated me returning to work. I love, love, love staying home so this was weighing heavily on me.  

We weighed the pros and cons of different situations. We decided that if we were paying for before and after child care then it wasn't worth it. We also factored in clothing cost and such. One evening we thought Megan was asleep and she wasn't. She overheard us talking about me returning to work. She came out and the tears were flowing. I reassured her that her needs would still be meet and that taking care of her and Daddy were my top priority. We knew I needed something to work with Megan's school schedule. Not easy! 

I thought I had found something. It was a childcare position that was 8-2. It would be tight getting there in the morning, but I thought I could make it work. I went in, but the position was filled. They did have a 2:30-6 position. I couldn't take that and still care for my family.

The lack of jobs that meet what I needed and the closing of the door for the childcare job left us feeling that maybe the Lord was leading me not to return to work. Even fast food and drugstore jobs are not super flexible with scheduling. We have decided that I will not return to work and we will just keep going. 

Now it is about 2:20 and it was time to hop in the van and head for car line. I checked the temperature before I left and the air was about to cut on. I closed the windows before I left. 
I always get there early. For one I like to have some quiet time to read. Secondly, I like to get out of the parking lot before the area public schools let out and it gets crazy out. If I don't time it right I have to go through two round abouts with the high school drivers. Scary at times! 

We are home about 3:25 and then it is snack and homework time. 
Tonight it was light. A couple of math problems to finish, Bible verse to practice and then we went over spelling words. Before 4pm we were done!
I started to unload the dishwasher while Megan finished her math. When she was done she helped me. 
We went outside and threw the Frisbee around for a few minutes. 
I then sat on the back porch reading while Megan played. 

Soon it was time to go in and finish dinner. 
I rolled out the crust and then made the pot pies in ramekins. 

I made a large batch of pot pie filling and had two bags for the freezer. 
This will come in handy on a day I have to be out of my home or when I am not feeling well. 

Chuck arrives home at 5pm and dinner is served. (He is ready for dinner when he arrives home.)
After dinner it was back outside for Megan. She played ball until the kitchen was tidy and it was time to leave. 
We went to my parents to drop a couple of things off and came home with a bucket of tomatoes. 
This will be the last of them as my parents garden is about done also. I won't complain as we have had an amazing harvest this year. 

Once home the windows were opened back up. 
Megan watched some TV and then we played a game of UNO. 
Family devotions are done, Megan is tucked in bed and it is now a little after 9pm. Chuck is watching some TV, I am getting ready to read and then we will be off to bed shortly. 

I really enjoyed today. The weather was great, I went about my task in an unrushed fashion and felt truly blessed to be keeper of the home. 

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. I loved 'seeing' your day, action by action!
    It's very much like Day in the Life, a community on Livejournal that I follow.

    Fun to get a glimpse of someone else's life for a time. THanks so much for
    sharing with us, and please do it again sometime!

  2. I am so very grateful to be a stay at home mom! It is quiet at times and not full of glamor but it is good and fills the heart!

  3. Thank you for sharing your lovely day!

    I love days like you described, because they give me peace in knowing I am where God wants me to be!

    I like how you clean different areas of your home on a specified day....I clean my house on one day, and it has become a day that I don't look forward to. I am thinking about changing that schedule and trying out a different one.

    Today is sheet changing day, so better get the laundry going!
    Have a blessed week!

  4. Your day sounds like my days around here. I am so thankful to be an stay at home mom. Thank you Wendi for sharing your full day with us. There are times I feel the need to help out on the money, working is out of the question. So, I help out by doing what you do. Opening windows to keep the AC off. Hanging clothes on the line. Stay out of the stores and make do with what we have. You could open a store on Instagram to sell clothes and items, a lot of moms are doing this to bring in extra income, while staying home. have a blessed day friend.

  5. I loved having a peek into your day and I am so glad that you have been able to stay home where your heart truly is. The sacrifices you are making now are worth it. We only have our children in our homes for a very short time and need to make the most of those moments. It sounds like your daughter really does need you to be there for her.

    Be blessed!

  6. Wonderful post! I don't know exactly how but I do know all your finances will eventually work out. If your family wants you at home, stay there. You won't regret it.

    I picked up my granddaughter in the carpool line yesterday- I kid you not, the line was a mile long. There are 650 at her elementary school and I think almost everyone was getting picked up.

    I don't mind doing laundry either and am so grateful to have running water, modern appliances and dependable detergents. My great grandmother started her marriage in a sod house and quickly had 4 children. My mother didn't have running water or indoor plumbing until she was in high school. We have it made in the shade with all our laundry helpers.

    Have a good rest of the week 😄

  7. Wow, I was tired just reading everything you did! I also clean one room each day. That way, the house stays clean and it doesn't get very heavy.
    We don't have kids, but a few years ago, I was able to be a stay at home wife and I love it. I'm not going to lie; sometimes I miss the company of my coworkers and the hussle and bussle of the city, but being home and being able to take care of the laundry, the chores, having everything ready for when my husband comes home from work and having the time to write to my heart (and inspiration) content... priceless!
    We now have a tighter budget, but I try to save and minimize what I can, like you do.
    And I'm shure God Is going to make everything work, so that you can pay your debt.

  8. This is one my favorite posts! I love seeing how other homemakers spend their days. Thnak you for sharing a slice of your life.

  9. What a lovely post of your day! It's nice to see what others are up to and it's great connecting with other moms. I understand the debate of back to work versus staying home, it's hard... extra money would be helpful but our children need us and our husbands. I have recently started my own cosmetic company selling Younique products and can work my schedule any way I need to and I'm loving it. Thank you for sharing your day and your heart and home. My girls start back on Monday the 29th. :-) Enjoy the rest of your week.


  10. So enjoyed this post. I too am so thankful for being able to be a stay at home mom. I had a little question for your afterschool routine - I have two elementary aged kids and also a toddler but do you let your daughter watch TV after school or during the week after she's completed her schoolwork? My kids are pretty active but still are always asking to watch TV or play on electronics and mainly it seems its because they say all the other kids get to... Also, does your daughter have a tablet or any other devices? My kids have been begging for a tablet or Ipad since Kindergarten but I still want them to be playing outside and with their toys not just looking at a screen all the time and we really don't have money just laying around to buy them these devices. Just curious if you have addressed this with your daughter. I admire your simple peaceful lifestyle and your daughter seems so happy and content!


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