Monday, July 11, 2011

Laundry Saving Tips

Along the way I have picked up a few ideas that help save money while doing laundry. I am by no means an expert, but I thought I would share what is working for me.

I have found that using a powder detergent works best for me. I find that when I use a liquid detergent I am lazy and will hold the container over the washer, push the button and just drop some in. I am sure that I use to much detergent this way.

Instead of using the scoop that comes with the detergent and recommended amount of detergent I use a 1/8 measuring cup. I find that my laundry comes out just as clean using this little bit. If I have an extra large or dirty load I will add an extra scoop and use 1/4 cup.

When I was working and we had more wiggle room in the budget I would go to Sam's and buy this container of fabric softener.

Now that every penny counts more then ever I buy the least expensive fabric softener. I am able to get twice as much from the bottle by pouring it into my large container and then filling the bottle up with water and adding to the large container. Just be sure to shake the large container well to mix the water with the fabric softener.

I am also to able to double my fabric sheets by cutting them in half.

The only time I find that I need more then half a sheet is when I dry blankets during the winter. I don't know why but the static is terrible on a load of blankets.

I love coming across money saving tips and hope that this helps you save a penny or two.

I hope you are taking time to enjoy the simple moments!


  1. These are really good money savers. I usually use half of the recommended amount of laundry soap and it works great! Soaking smelly things like towels overnight before washing helps too. I don't use softener or dryer sheets which also cuts on costs--I've just never used them so don't miss them. (I bought a laundry soap with added softener a few years back and noticed a build-up on the fabrics after a while and didn't like it at all!) If I'm hanging towels on the line I'll add a couple swigs of vinegar to the wash which helps them to be softer.

    Love practical posts like these!

  2. Love the tips. I make my own powder and use just a little as you. Don't use dryer sheets at all, I find a wool dryer ball (or 2) works great and adding vinegar to the wash (in the bleach dispenser) works great to soften the wash. I know what you mean about trying to save pennies!

  3. Great tips! I can't use powdered detergent because it's hard on our septic for some reason. I do reuse my softener sheets several times before throwing them away, and I also don't use as much detergent as they say to use. Have you ever tried making your own detergent? I found a recipe online several months ago, bought the stuff, but haven't tried making it yet. Maybe one day!

  4. Thanks for sharing this info, Wendi! I always reuse my dryer sheets but have never thought about cutting them in half. Great idea. I read somewhere that most people use too much detergent; I always use less than recommended,too. I use white vinegar for smelly things - works everytime.

  5. Very good tips! Thanks for sharing..I am certain I use too much also....I don't measure! Hoping you can stop by and say hi soon. :)

  6. I second many of the others. I use less liquid than called for. For years, I've thought of trying homemade detergent. I even bought the ingredients, and now they're sitting around. I told myself I can't by more detergent until I give the homemade powder a try!

    I use two dryer balls--one wool, and one plastic--and avoid fabric softener altogether.

  7. Wendi,

    Thanks for the tips, I am going to be doing trying this for sure. I also noticed my brand suggests a full cup of powdered detergent, what that's a lot!! I really like the dryer sheet idea. My store has those big snuggle containers(my preferred brand) once in a while so those do last quite a while.



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