Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Summer Fun: Pool

Summer may not be officially here yet, but it sure felt like it this weekend. After doing some work in the landscaping we decided to hit the pool Saturday. Lucky for us my parents don't live far and we always have an open invitation.

The little lady that screamed every time she neared the bath a little over two months ago loved the pool! She was splashing and smiling. She was very happy when we put her in the baby ring and let her float. (I don't have pictures of that because with the sun they were too bright.)

We are looking forward to lots more summer fun!


  1. Yay for summer! Look at that little cutie!

  2. She looks TOOOOO happy!!! How adorable!! Looks like she was having the BEST time!!

    Mrs. U

  3. Nothing beats a good swim.

    I love the little hat.


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