Saturday, October 14, 2006

This is how Breast Cancer had touched my life.

My grandmother, Mom, died of Breast Cancer the summer of 1997. During this time I was living in Germany and her cancer touched my life from a distance. I was told that she knew something was not right, but choose not to a seek treatment. By the time she finally went to the doctor there was no treatment that would change the outcome.

A friend of mine, Becky, found out she had Breast Cancer while she was expecting her second child. She felt something and was told that it was due to her milk coming in. She accepted that for about 4 months before she asked for a second opinion. She was told at that time that she had stage 3 Breast Cancer. She delivered a healthy baby girl by c-section and began her treatment. She battled cancer for 3 year before she lost her battle the Spring of 2003. She left behind a husband, a son (age 5) and a daughter (age 3). She was a true inspiration. She never felt sorry for herself, but keep a positive attitude. She believed that God was in control and she left the burden with him. I have never been to visitation like hers before. I waited in line for
2 hours to reach the family! I can not even put into words how inspiring she was.

September 2003 my Mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She was at a health fair and had a free mamogram. She had 2 surgeries, Chemo, Radiation and so far the cancer has not returned. She had some pre-cancer found in her Colon this Spring and had surgery to remove most of her Small Intestine and most of her Colon. She has fully recovered from that surgery and continues to be Cancer FREE! We all believe that early detection has been the key to Mom's success. I am grateful everyday that Mom is still a part of my life.

So, ladies be sure you have your Breast exam each year during you Gyn visit and discuss with your doctor when you should begin your mamogram screening. You are the best guide to what is happening with your body, so it doesn't feel right, keep pursuing it!


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