Sunday, August 14, 2022

Weekend Recap

After what seems like years of hot and humid weather we finally had a cool down! That meant it was time to have some outside fun.

The weekend started off at the Indiana State Fair. So many sights to see. In fact, so many we didn't see them all. We all had a list of must see items. I only wanted to see the high diving show. It didn't disappoint.

See that tiny platform just below the flag? 
Yes, someone dove off of that. You must be crazy to jump from this high into a 10 feet deep pool! Not for this girl!!

Saturday was an at home day. I spent time giving my flowers love. They all needed some TLC and to be fertilized.
Do you ever start a project and it becomes one thing leads to another type of thing? Yes, that is what is happening with the work on our barn. The siding was rotting and is being replaced which led to floor needing replaced. So far, it's been replaced enough in order for Chuck to finish the siding and install the new door. 

When thinking about this project we have been thinking about the future. If we had used treated wood then it would need to be replaced again. We opted to use products that should outlast us. The floor will now be out of PVC decking. 


The plan was to end the evening with a fire. The fire was going and the yummies were purchased. Then, rain. Just enough that the fire was put out. Then of course it stopped. Oh well. I'll be ready for the next nice evening.

Sunday Chuck and I snuck off for a late lunch. He was being quite silly while we were out!
We both were fighting headaches. Once home I took a nap and he watched some television. It was a wonderful weekend. 

Have a great week!


  1. Hello! Your flowers are beautiful! Mine. Not so much! I hope you get your fire in with those yummy smores! Are you still homeschooling? I am down to one student, my Flynn! We are starting after Labor Day. Have a cozy evening!

  2. Sounds like a perfect weekend!! The fair looks like fun. School started here today and I am ready to begin what I am calling "The Great Fall Clean Up". I may be texting you for advice!!


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