Monday, August 08, 2022

Summertime Sides: Cole Slaw

Not sure about your area, but it's HOT here. Saturday evening we went out to cut grass about 6:30 and it was 93* with heavy humidity. Chuck trimmed while I rode the mower. I watered flowers when I was done and was beat when I came in. Whew! All of the heat gives me no desire to cook.
 Of course, I must feed my family. Eating out all of our meals isn't in the budget. I have been making quick items and avoiding the use of the oven.
The crock pot has been a life saver.  I put a pork roast in for pulled pork, made cole slaw to cool in the refrigerator and served with potato chips. 
My go to recipe for cole slaw Chick-fil-A. Long time readers might remember that worked there for years. I have made this recipe countless times. A little secret is that they use Kraft Mayo. 
I'd love to hear your beat the heat recipes. 


  1. Hi, Wendy!
    Here in Portugal, we're finally having lower temperatures and we are experiencing a wonderful 77F (25ยบ centigrades). But we were having temperatures around 104F, so this is a blessing!
    My go to recipe to beat the heat is hot-dogs! We love them, but because they aren't the healthiest food, we only eat them when we need a quick meal.
    I wanted to see your cole slaw recipe, but I can't seem to be able to enlarge the picture... Can you do something about that or write it on the post? Pretty please?!
    Have a blessed week!

  2. It's been hot here, too! I've grilled some meals, but it's really too hot to even be out grilling. We have eaten lots of salads with protein added to them

  3. I cannot enlarge the recipe, either. Today, I bought the bagged mix. I can no longer grate the carrots and cabbage. Slaw is great with any protein we have. Green beans from a can and sliced tomatoes are my favorites because the green beans can be heated in the microwave along with the protein. It is a hearty meal with no heat involved.


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