Saturday, March 21, 2020

Waste Not, Want Not

I won't post pictures of the empty store shelves as we all have experiencced them first hand.  When all of this started Chuck ran into the store to pick up a few things on my list.  As he was in the store he sent me pictures of what he called "mass hysteria."

Fast forward to Friday night.  I was sure I had a back up of an item, but it turned out I didn't.  It's a essential item so we headed to the store.  Chuck had not been into the stores since all of this had started.  He had seen it on the news and I had been telling him, but seeing it for himself was sobering.  Actually, it was for me also.  Isles, and isles of empty shelves.  It's only been a little over a week since that first shopping trip, yet it feels like months ago.

Seeing as how food is now scarce it's time be extra diligent about food waste.  The fridge was fairly full and a container of leftover roast beef was pushed to the back.  Sadly, it had to be tossed.  That was the moment that I knew I had to take better charge of the kitchen.

I went through the refrigerator and put away things that I thought might go bad before they would be eaten.  Chuck had picked up some lunch meat.  I divided it down into more manageable portion sizes and put them into the freezer.
A container of blueberries were close to passing their prime, so into the freezer they went.  They will be used in baking or for Megan snacks.  She loves frozen blueberries! The browning bananas became banana bread.
I had used some beef broth in a recipe earlier this week.  I took the leftover broth and poured it into ice cube trays for later use.  I saved just enough broth to use in the roast I intend to prepare on Sunday.
We had take out recently and there was a small container of dressing left.  That was added to my current bottle.

I know I've mentioned this before, but you can write on plastic/glass containers with a dry erase marker.  I am now making sure to mark the date on all leftover.  I want to ensure that things are used in a timely manner.

Beside the fact that finding food is scarce we also need to be diligent due to cost.  For those without a stocked pantry it's currently hard to shop on a budget.  No ground beef or chicken means you may have to buy the more expensive cut of meat.  The $1 loaves of bread out stock means you may have to buy the premium loaf.  All of those subsitutes can add up to budget crushers. 

I still find it unreal to think about all of the events that have unfolded in such a short amount of time.  If you let it, you could become anxious and paralyzed with fear.  I find that besides prayer, the best thing I can do is "look well to ways of my household."

Please let me know how you are doing.


  1. We are fine, and eating from freezer and all the fresh foods I got last week and the week before. I do go into a few stores for loss leaders, sales, and coupon use. I wear a mask, gloves, and take Lysol Wipes with me. I don't let Tommy go into stores because I am more careful than he is. I did not go to church last week, but he did. Now, he has decided he will not go Sunday.

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  2. I need to write out a menu list of meals I can make with the items we have here at home. I am unable to go out to the stores myself, and I now worry about my husband going to the store and getting the virus there. In our area the stores have a rule that the first hour they are open is reserved for people over 60 shopping. The problem is, there is no one enforcing this rule, so there are a lot of younger people in there shopping, as well, so there is not much safety in that anyway. I am wanting to limit my husband's trips to the store as much as possible.

    I was scheduled for a surgery for a macular hole in my eye, but it was canceled. As long as my retina doesn't start to detach, it is not considered an emergency. It was kind of a relief to have the surgery canceled, because I was afraid of being exposed to the virus from the doctors and nurses. I'm praying my husband or I don't have an emergency of any kind develop. My daughter is an RN and my son is stationed in Japan right now. I worry about them. I am doing a lot of praying these days and nights.

  3. such a good reminder, Wendi... I am particularly convicted right now of all the things I take for granted... stocked shelves, going to church, school events... even just having coffee with my friends... I pray that this is an opportunity for us to all more deeply appreciate those things and each other as we face the unknown together...

  4. I agree completely. I have blown my grocery budget this month with trying to stock up on a few things. I am trying to be mindful of freezing food items in portion sizes and using everything up, I, too, made banana bread this week and need to go make some more with 2 bananas that are going bad. The bread freezes beautifully! I also froze small portions of beef broth left from a dinner I made this week. I know I only work part time, but I'm not working until this is over and that means the budget takes quite a hit. We are all in this together so we just have to do the best we can! Thanks for your encouraging posts!

  5. The past week has most definitely been quite surreal! I am also making sure that nothing goes to waste right now. Even that tiny little bit of homemade pizza dough that usually would have just been thrown in the garbage is being used even if it's only one serving.

    I am hoping this is going to help us here in the US to learn how to be better prepared for times like this so there isn't so much panic shopping. If everyone had just continued to make their purchases like normal then everyone would be able to get what they need.

    But even then, God is in control and we can trust he will provide for all our needs! So far we are doing good here in North Idaho. My husband is still able to work for now and we are so thankful for that!

  6. Isn't it crazy? Just trying to stay calm and positive and that is hard for me right now. But we are fine for food and really don't have any need to go to a store.

  7. God bless us every one!

  8. We have been very frugal as well. I have bag of flour to bake bread, biscuits, pizza dough, cinn rolls...if the need a rises. The first week in our area was a barren store we was able to get a lot of things just no meat. I finally figured it out that they stock at night. So, I went the next morning and I was able to pick up a few packs of meat. I have enjoy my stay at home it has been so peaceful. I do have to stay with my elderly mom two nights a week...other then that I am home sweet home. HUGS

  9. Good idea to go through the fridge and put things in the freezer. I've always kept those small stick 'tags' on the fridge. We have a magnet with a clip and I put a tag on each item for the very reason of knowing how long it's been in there! I hope you're still doing well.

  10. I've missed your blog updates :-) I check them every few days... hope you have been doing well with these strange new realities we live in!

  11. Miss you Wendi! Hope all is well!

  12. Wendi,

    I'm praying for you and your family that you all are healthy and safe. I'm a big fan of yours.

  13. Dear Wendi,

    I am a long-time reader of your blog, and I always enjoy your entries. I check every few days to see if you have posted. I hope and pray that you and your family are safe and well, and I look forward to your posting soon.
    Jackie in California

  14. Really miss hearing from you. Hope all is well.

  15. Hope you are all healthy. Maybe post an update so we know you are okay.


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