Tuesday, July 09, 2019

Kitchen Time

Many times I will pick up a rotisserie chicken if I go to Sam's while I'm doing my monthly grocery shopping. Instead of using it on grocery day I put in the fridge for the afternoon I planned to work in the kitchen.  
After running errands in the morning I returned home and put it into the crock pot to warm.  While it was heating up I got busy.  

The first thing I tackled was to put up chicken.  
Chicken tenders were on sale on Fresh Thyme.  We grill out tenders often and I'm happy to have these added to the freezer. 
Next on my list was corn.  I sat on the back porch shucking it so that I could blanch and add it to the freezer. I hope to find some at a farm stand to put up. 
Megan likes canned corn but Chuck and I prefer frozen.  Home frozen that is.  None us care for store bought frozen corn.  It seems to miss the sweet taste of Indiana corn.  

The cookie jar was filled much to the delight of my family.
A double batch of waffles was added to the freezer.  I like fast, easy breakfast for weekdays. 
By the time dinner was on the table I was done.  I popped the chicken and all the juices in a bag to take care of the next day.  I see chicken salad and stock with bits of meat for the freezer. 
The kitchen was tidied and then I headed outside to join my family.  
Summer had been busy, so it felt good to get some thing accomplished. 

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations... keep moving forward, friends.


  1. Sounds like you got a lot accomplished. Love your kitchen. Mine is white too but yours has that open look I love.

  2. Wendi,
    I really enjoyed this post.
    I felt like we were chatting on the phone about what you did today!
    Love your kitchen!

  3. I also love that kitchen so fresh and clean.

  4. I love to get the rotisserie chicken at Sams Club too. It is a great buy and stretches out for many meals for us.

  5. Your kitchen is so pretty and clean.

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  7. Those cookies look so yummy!

  8. I love to buy the chickens at Sam's too. Such a great buy and wonderful meal stretcher. I loved this post.

  9. What a lovely day! So, inspiring Wendi. Blessings:)

  10. You have a lovely blog!!


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