Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Joy in the Ordinary

Look around, really look around and you will find joy... joy in the everyday... joy in the ordinary things.

I've been using my mini crockpots to help with dinner on busy days.  This day I made my my sides and let them warm until dinner.  
We went out for burgers on Monday and I was surprised to see that the restaurant was already decorated for Christmas.  They even had a fully decorated tree in the entry.  Way to early! 
My two favorites. 
Cousin fun at the orchard. 
It makes me happy to open this cabinet and see my stash of laundry detergent.  I bought each bottle for 99 cents. Yeah for deals to fill the pantry! 
School is taking over the kitchen!  This board was put to write the days work and weekly Bible verse it's working well.

A random shot by Megan.  She said, "hey Mama, smile."

May you find joy in the journey as you chase your life!


  1. That smile of yours is contagious!
    Loved dropping by here today, Wendi.
    I love just knowing I have a friend doing the same thing I am doing...preparing dinner and schooling. : )

  2. You are too cute and I love this post. Your house is always so bright and cheery.

  3. Hello Wendi, I love peeking in to your cheery home and see snips of your life. Thank you for sharing them with us. That's our life also, putting on dinner and homeschooling. Hugs!!

  4. I’m glad to see your mended and back to normal.
    Yea for grocery deals
    And it’s early for Christmas decorations but they are nicer than Halloween decorations. On my morning walk, I saw 2 full skeletons, a black coffin and about 20 arms trying to come out of the ground at a home just a block down our street - Yuck-

  5. Sometimes the ugly, scary Halloween decorations do get tiresome. I like cute or pretty Fall/Halloween decorations.

    I can't imagine Christmas decorations up this soon. If it was someone's home, I would think maybe they had family members in the military who were going to be home on leave way before Christmas, and the family wanted to celebrate Christmas with them early. I don't know why a restaurant or store would Christmas decorate this soon.

    You look so happy and pretty in the picture that Megan took.

  6. Hey Mama, smile... I love that pic! I have two mini crockpots that are on a tray together that I have never used. Maybe they hold a quart?? What size are yours? That would be a perfect way for Sunday lunch to be warm when I get home.

    1. I believe my are a quart also. I love them! Besides sides I will use them to put in taco meat or pulled pork/chicken for sandwiches.


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