Monday, July 02, 2018

Birthday Girl!

We spent the weekend celebrating Megan!  It's hard to believe that she is twelve. She is still very much a little girl yet I can see a glimpse here and there of the young woman she is becoming.  She brings us great joy.  She is funny, has a quick wit, and is still very head strong.  As frustrating as that sometimes is, I know that is a quality that helped her in the first months of her life and will make her a strong woman.  We just need to work on how to hone it into a positive attribute!  
She is certainly an introvert and timid with those she doesn't know or isn't comfortable around.  As we move toward her teen years we will be working to help her improve her social skills.  I know first hard how hard it is to put yourself out there, but she must learn how to function in the world without her parents always being by her side.  

 Megan has a creative soul.  I often refer to her at a girly tomboy!  She is able to keep herself busy by creating things from sticks, mud, popsicle sticks, and loves using her glue gun.  Her latest fascination is working with leather.  I look forward to watching her learn this skill.

  She isn't afraid of hard work or getting dirty.  She often amazes us by how she will jump in and help someone with a project.  She recently helped Grandpa spread mulch at his church.  She jumped right in carrying bags and getting down and dirty spreading it out. It made me smile when he told me this because that is so Megan!

 Although she is timid and her circle of friends is small, she is loyal.  If she invites you into her life you have a friend that will love you, support you, and value you.    
  I often wonder how the years have sped by so fast.  The years of little were good, but so is today.  It's my joy to watch my girl grow in a young woman.  I pray continuously for her future.  My greatest prayer is that she continues to grow in her faith and follow the Lord.

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth. 3 John 4

Happy Birthday, Megan! We love you!!!

May your day be filled with joy in the journey!


  1. Happy Birthday Megan, my how you have grown. 12 years old yes, that is hard to believe. She sounds like a charming beautiful young lady. Enjoy your day sweet girl.

  2. Happy Birthday to your lovely girl!
    She sounds very much like my Peyton. : )

  3. I think this means I have been reading your blog for 12 years, because I remember finding it when we had adopted our almost 12 year old, Matthew!! Happy birthday, Megan!! I miss the little years (some of it!...not all!), but I enjoy these big boys, too!! She is turning into a lovely young lady!

  4. Happy Birthday to your precious Megan!

  5. Happy Birthday!!!!!!! She has grown into such a wonderful little lady.

  6. Happy birthday, Megan! It is hard to believe she is 12. God bless.


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