Thursday, June 21, 2018

Penny Smart #5

This a place where I share how I've stretched a penny, saved a penny and in many cases spent no pennies.

While on vacation we paid the teenage daughter of a friend to water my flowers.  The first time Chuck turned on the hose water sprayed all over him.  Oops!  The hose burst while we were gone and it had been taped where it split.  At first Chuck was going to remove the hose so we could purchase a new one.  On second thought he said that he could cut off the section that was broken and buy a new connector.  
For $6.00 Chuck was able to repair the hose.  We lost about 10 feet of hose.  No big deal, especially when you consider it would have been close to $100 to replace our 200 feet hose.  Good job, Chuck!

The day after we arrived home my laptop died.  I was not a happy girl.  Especially since I had uploaded all of my pictures from our trip.
When we went to look at laptops there were several on clearance.  This new laptop cost less then $200! Did I want to spent $200? No, but it was much better than full price. 

Patsy at A Working Pantry has a $5 or less pantry challenge.  She will take five dollars a week and add to her pantry.  This is separate from her regular grocery spending.  Since adding to my pantry is a goal of mine I decided to take up this challenge.  
Kroger had a Saturday deal where ketchup was 99 cents each when you downloaded their coupon.  The limit just happened to be 5!  This is a huge score on two counts #1 we go through a ton of ketchup and #2 I haven't been able to find my target price of $1.99 in a long time. 

Wealth gained hastily will dwindle, but whoever gathers little by little will increase it. Proverbs 13:11  

It's a great reminder to tackle our financial goals bit by bit. So there you go. I hope this encourages you to do things to save money. The old adage that every penny counts seems to apply more and more these days. I find it's much harder to stretch my pennies into nickles. *smile* I find it encouraging to hear about other frugal adventures and I hope you do also.

May your day be filled with joy in the journey!


  1. I am so glad you are home and that you had a good vacation. I agree vacation are wonderful but there is no place like home. Good job to your husband on fixing the hose. We have done some strawberry picking here as well. Also picked blueberries this week. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  2. Glad you are home and had a fun vacation. You are so good at savings, I’m impressed

  3. I have missed your posts!! Thank you!! ♥

  4. Welcome home! Glad you had a great time. Our choir will be in your area Friday night. We plan to swing over to IKEA early that day. Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Wish we could get together! I have a couple of appointments on Friday. Someday...

  5. I have water hose issues too. Hubby offered to buy me a new one, but I said no. I'm going to have to break down soon and do it. I want to start the $5 stock up challenge too. My poor pantry is looking bare these days. Yay! on the pretty new laptop... I need one, but my google chromebook is working for me right now. Bummer on the pictures. Hopefully someone will figure how to get them for you.

  6. I just love your Penny Saver posts! I took advantage of the Kroger ketchup deal, too. This week it is cheese and something else, don't remember what!! I like the idea of adding to the pantry by a few dollars each week.

  7. Awesome deals and savings. I am actually planning to start stocking up to for $5 a week. I didn't know there was a challenge. Thanks for sharing .

  8. Great job Chuck on saving that hose! Jeff has done the same thing here after Caesar decided that the hose was a chew toy one day. We still don't know what got into him because he normally steers clear of them.

  9. Hi Wendi!
    I also try to do the same, but with 5 euros. I usually buy things that are under 1 euro each, so that I can strech the money!
    Good job with that hose and finding that laptop.
    Have a great weekend!

  10. Well done! Terrific to get bargains is it not?


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