Friday, March 09, 2018

Let's Catch Up

Life has been in full swing since my last post.  I've sat down to make a post a few times and didn't have the words nor really the desire.  You see a week ago a neighbor contacted me to ask about homeschooling.  She then went on to tell me that the school drama (private Catholic school) has become too much for her daughter.  Her twelve year old daughter tried to commit suicide.  What!?! She said that K is adamant that she is not going back to school.

This little girl use to come down and play.  She stopped coming because she was more mature than Megan.  The things Megan wanted to do she found boring. I find it hard to wrap by head around the fact that this happened.  There are many things I could say, but I won't.  I'm trying hard to love. I left an open invitation for K to come down anytime and craft with Megan.  Time will tell if she accept the invitation.

This week I feel like I have been on the go non stop.  My dad made two trips to the ER within three days.  The first trip was an ambulance ride from my home on Monday. Yikes!  Thankfully he is doing much better.

That threw my week off.  My grocery trip planned for Monday was shifted until Tuesday.  Then Wednesday it was back to the ER.  Thursday I had an eye doctor appointment.  The running plus some late nights have left me tired and my home in need of some TLC.  I'm thankful it's Friday!

Today I will work on laundry and we will catch up on school.  What I don't get done around the house today we will all tackle together Saturday morning.  I wish I could say that the weekend would be slow.  We have some things planned for Saturday evening and then Sunday is church and we will go visit my father-in-law.   It should be good though.  A day of rest today and getting things back on track should help.

Since we haven't had a visit since March began I'll update you on my no spend February.   HA! HA! HA!  Does that tell you how it went?  It seemed to be one thing right after the other that required spending.  Not little spending either.  Things such as Chuck had his truck into the shop twice.  We still need to get the leak fixed on the van.  It was suppose to be dropped off at the shop Monday evening, but that didn't happen.  Hopefully next week.  Two trees were cut down.  They were both dead and one was becoming a danger.  The area it was in would have caused damage to structures when it fell.

I feel like this post has been all doom and gloom.  Honestly, even in the rough patches there is good.  K didn't take her life and can now get the help she needs.  My dad is feeling better and will continue to seek treatment to ensure that he is healthy.  Although we didn't want to spend it, I'm thankfully we had cash to cover the truck expenses.  The trees are down and when the strong winds come with spring storms we won't have to worry.

Spring is coming!  Oh yes, this one makes me super happy.  It is staying lighter in the evenings.  The grass is starting to green up a little bit.  There is a warmer day sprinkled in here and there.  The robins are back.

See, there is always a reason to be grateful!


  1. Oh my, Wendi. I’m so thankful the child is getting help and love. A friend of my daughter’s was not so fortunate and 3 years ago at age 15 she took her life. My heart is so heavy when I hear of these types of things. It’s absolutely horrible the way children and teens treat each other in a school setting. Thankful this family has you for advice and support. Hope things settle down for you otherwise!

  2. That is so sad about that little girl. But I have always said if Hitler had peopled his army with Jr. High aged girls we would all be speaking German right now.

  3. Wendi,
    I am so sad about your neighbor girl.
    May God bless her and her family with love and faith.
    On another note, Your space here looks great!
    I love the changes!
    Have a cozy weekend, sweet friend.

  4. I'm glad I stopped by... you sound like you could you a hug or two and some prayers. {{HUGS}} and Prayers!!!!

  5. Oh Wendi...You have had a lot thrown your way. Be gentle with yourself. Praying for you today! My heart breaks for these children that are so hopeless at such a young age.

  6. You were right to invite the 12 year old over. Even if she never comes she will know that you care. 5 years ago my daughter's friend committed suicide at the age of 15. I always think if she had just known people cared that she may still be alive. She would be 20 now. Keep reaching out to K. God can do the rest.

  7. I have found through the years, just when we decide to really cut back on spending, all kinds of unexpected things happen that cost us money. We went through big, dead trees needing to be removed last year. I still miss the big spruce that was shading our front yard, but I am glad the trees are gone every time we have storms and strong winds. We have
    lived in this house for almost 4 decades now, and it seems to me like we have so many more windy days/nights now. Constantly blowing. I honestly don't think the wind used to blow like this all of the time like it does now. Surely, I would have noticed it through the years.

    So sad to hear about the girl who was having problems. I hope that everything will work out for her. There is so much mean-ness among young teens it seems. I wonder if social media is driving it to such a degree.

    It sure is good to see some signs of spring popping up. Hearing and seeing the robins makes me so happy. I have one big yellow crocus blooming. Daffodils, tulips, and the big fragrant hyacinths have pushed their green swords through the ground, but no where near blooming yet. I've got my eyes on them though.


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