Sunday, January 21, 2018

Kitchen Time

I didn't mean to disappear last week. Honestly, I had no desire to blog. I spent some time away from home and was extremely tired. I've had some issues with insomnia since about the week before Christmas.  It's awful to still be wide awake, yet exhausted at two in the morning.  I finally mentioned it to Chuck and he came home with an over the counter sleep aid.  It helped termendesly! I no longer need it to get to sleep but I still feel tired.   

A couple of my outings were food runs.  Meijer has some items as part of their 10 for 10 with the 11th free.  I took advantage of it to stock my pantry. Sorry no pictures of that purchase.  A trip was also made to Sam's.  We had run out of chicken.  While there we decided to do a little more stocking up.

A couple of reasons for this.  One I was gifted some birthday money that we decided to spend on stocking up and the final reason is that it looks like we might be eating out of our pantry.  

I mentioned before that there is an issue with the transmission on Chuck's truck.  No worries as he has been driving the van.  We noticed that the van was leaking something so while having the oil changed we asked them to see if they could find the issue.  They found it alright!  It needs a new radiator plus a couple of other things to the tune of $1457. Ouch!  Thankfully it can still be driven.  Chuck will just need to check the fluids frequently.  

Then there is the wonderful govenment shutdown.  The company Chuck works for receives 99% of their work from military contacts.  A small shutdown shouldn't effect us, but if it continues it will impact us.  You know how it works.  If the company isn't being paid then they can't pay their employees.  We'll need to be cautious.   

Anyway, this my meat haul. 
The first thing I did was marinade a package of chicken breast.  My go to marinade is italian dressing, honey and lime juice.  I had almost three pounds of chicken so I used 1 cup dressing, 1/2 cup honey and then three tablespoons of lime juice.  

While it marinaded the packages were broken down into meals.  I ended up with 10 packages of ground beef (I package between 1/2 to 3/4 pound), a container of taco meat, browned beef to use as a pizza topping and three hamburger patties.  The patties were used for a meal that evening.  
The chicken tenders netted 11 packages. 

 Once the chicken breast were done marinading they were grilled and then sliced.  Except for half of one that Megan snagged to make a sandwich for lunch. *smile* The slices were put on a baking sheet to flash freeze.  
I packaged 2 oz of slices into a snack bag and then placed them into a freezer bag. These will be used to top salads for lunch.  That is if I can keep Megan out of them! 
Then it was time to put every thing away.  While taking care of that Chuck helped me straighten and inventory the freezer.  I'm happy to see it well stocked!
While I was at it I also packaged some other things into serving sizes.  Baby carrots and animal crackers.  It's eye opening when you start to measure servings.  It helps me to make better choices when I think "that's all I get" opposed to "wow, that's a large serving.
I made some jarred salads.  I use to make these often.  I find that I eat better when it's ready to go.  The thought of cleaning and chopping will make me pass on the salad.  No excuse now!
The frig is stocked with good for us foods.  Salad, blueberries, ready to eat carrots, apples, oranges and lemons. 
I have an issue with not eating correctly.  As in I won't take the time to eat properly and then I either feel sick or benge eat late in the afternoon.  I'm hoping that having things ready to go will help with this issue. A small investment of time in the kitchen that will have a big return. 

 May your day be filled with joy in the journey!


  1. You did great! I like the cooked marinaded chicken idea and will copy it soon, thanks!

  2. The shutdown affects us too. About 60% of our income is from Jeff’s military disability. We will be OK but it is something we have to plan around.

  3. You've got a well stocked fridge and freezer. Good for you. Hopefully, the insensitive, uncaring, persons in Washington will get their heads straight and take care of Americans first.

    That was my rant. You're going great!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  4. I am just finishing up a 2 month pantry challenge. This was voluntary as we just had so much that needed to be used but the good news is that it can be done! I still purchased fresh things each week. I do better eating right when I do some planning ahead too. I hope and pray everything goes well for you and your family!

  5. Not being able to sleep is a tough thing!! It's happened to me several times lately too. I use melatonin and it does help most of the time. Your fridge looks well stocked with lots of healthy stuff! Good job!

  6. I too suffer from insomnia. It is the bane of my existence. You look well stocked, and I love the salad in a jar idea. Everything in your house is sparkly, I wish mine could be that way.

  7. Sorry to hear about your vehicles troubles. It is so expensive to get them repaired. Your stocking up is a really good idea. Your freezer looks great. I think it is much easier to eat healthy if it is already prepared and portioned out. Good job!


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