Sunday, October 29, 2017

Pumpkin, Pumpkin

We seem to be in a busy season especially with our unexpected project.  I mentioned to Chuck that we needed to hit the pause button and have an evening of pumpkin fun.  He was in agreement so we began an evening that we referred to as pumpkin, pumpkin.

As I mentioned we are in a season of busy. The thought of going to the pumpkin patch to purchase a pumpkin was overwhelming at this time.  The pumpkin was purchased from the grocer. I wanted to make cookies, again no time, so they came from a local bakery. You know what; it's perfectly fine. It meet our need and it didn't add extra stress.  Sometimes you have to roll with what life is throwing at you.

One evening Megan and I were out and about running a couple of errands.  I asked her what she was carving into her pumpkin and she said "Daddy and I are going to try shading.  You know, where you don't carve the whole pumpkin away."  
 This picture cracked me up. Just like her mama with capturing life's moments on the camera! *smile*

 Once the messy insides were cleaned out it was time to move inside where it was warmer. 
 An inexpensive set of wood carving tools was used to help with the shading. They worked well!
 A Pac Man original by Megan. 

 The bakery cookies were plain so they were spruced up by adding a face using some gel icing. 

 Then it was time to settle down for the evening.  The cookies were munched on while a little Charlie Brown was viewed. 

It might not have been a Pinterest worthy evening, but we made memories. Honestly, this is real life and most of the time life isn't perfect. *smile* Laughs were shared, a new skill was mastered and memories were made. That, my friends, is what counts!  

May your day be filled with joy in the journey!


  1. Wendi,
    Real life is much better than Pinterest life, I am certain. Your pumpkin evening was perfect. The pumpkin carving method is new to me! It looks amazing! Cookies and Charlie Brown? Even better. Hope all goes well with your project. : )

  2. Welcome back sweet friend, I was excited to see your post in my reading list. I love this post what fun, cute pumpkin craving. Have a wonderful week.

  3. I love the pumpkins! Great fun and great memories.

  4. That pumpkin looks great! :)
    And I bet that Megan will cherish those memories for ever!
    Have a great week!

  5. Hey halfway is okay, you made a great memory. What a cut girl.

  6. Happy to see you blogging again! I hope you will be able to share your projects later. Things don't need to be Pinterest-perfect. Family time is what's important! Happy Halloween!!


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