Sunday, September 10, 2017

Tea with the Queen

While in the shower I hear the door open a crack.

"Mama can I print something?"

Once I am out of the shower I see a slip of paper slide under the door.  I pick it up and open the door as I am trying to read it.

"Mama, do you need me to read it to you?"
"I've got it, thanks anyway." Said as this blind lady squints to read the paper.
We begin our day with excitement in the air. While Megan is writing a story for her creative writing lesson I pull down a box of fabric. When our lessons are complete I suggest she pick out a piece of fabric for the tea. She thought that was great! After lunch she washed the tea set and then sets the table. It's tea time!

(Sorry for the picture quality. I needed more light, but that would have taken away from our candlelit tea party.)
It was a sweet time with special memories to store away. Megan is even telling me she would like a tea set with larger cups for Christmas. I think there will be more tea parties in our future! *smile*

May your day be filled with joy in the journey!


  1. I love this! Leah Kate fell in love with hot tea and pretty tea cups/saucers a few years back. We have collected pretty ones from Goodwill and thrift stores over the years. They don't match, but we like them that way!

  2. How neat! Since being back in Georgia with the heat and humidity even in the cooler months, I have not had any hot drinks. The humidity really sucks the life out of fun things.

    I'm so glad to see your homeschooling journey is going well. As a former classroom teacher, yes it happens all the time where a teacher will not slow down for the one or two who need a little extra time on certain areas. I'll never forget being told, I could not slow down on a concept unless 75% of the students were not understanding it. "The parents are expecting the books to be completed". That sentence still rubs me the wrong way. If parents know their children are not catching on to a concept, most of them would rather know material was not covered until the concept was mastered. Many of the parents I had felt this way.

  3. I love this! Reading this made me smile. The girls and I would have tea parties with cookies several times a week. I had a tea pot and fancy cups and saucers from goodwill. We even had teaspoons that had little teapots on them. So much fun and such sweet memories. God bless.

  4. Such an imagination. Love it.

  5. Adorable! I love visiting your blog,its uplifting to me. xoxo

  6. What a sweet post.

    May there always be beautiful tea parties for you and Megan.

  7. So sweet! I remember those tea party days ... of course we never shared tea with such a beautiful queen. : )

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  9. You know I love tea parties! I love this friend.

  10. What fun! Such creativity in making this a tea party to remember! I do think bigger tea cups are in the works, and many more tea parties ahead :)


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