Tuesday, August 01, 2017

A Little Chit Chat

Can you believe that it's the first of August? I can't! Time keeps marching on, which I suppose is how it's meant to go.  The first of the month means that it is grocery day. I have been busy straightening the pantry, freezer and making my list. I plan to hit the stores first thing in the morning. I like to shop when it isn't busy. 

Megan received an invite to join her Papaw and a couple of cousins for the day. I dropped her off yesterday morning and headed back to a quiet home.  I took full advantage of the quiet. I needed to take care of some business. Making appointments and such. Then I knew with the change coming to our routine I needed some slooooow time. I made lunch and headed out to the back porch.
I spent some time in prayer after lunch. I had a list of people I wanted to pray for.   I then made a list of words to describe how I want our little homeschool to feel. I prayed about our homeschool year and then spent some time in the Word.

 I read from one my favorite books, Proverbs.  The following verse spoke to me.
That is exactly what I needed to hear. As we begin our new adventure to trust in Him, lean on Him, acknowlege Him and let Him direct our path. Yes!

I have been busy planning for the coming school year. I purchased this cart to hold our daily items. It's been fun to get things organized!
As with all things I've had a little anxiety about homeschooling. (Honestly, I have anxiety about everything! It's who I am. *wink*)   I prayed about it, talk to my biggest supporter, Chuck, and I feel at peace about things. We are ready to go!

After a summer spent on the go I am ready to get back into a routine and spend more time at home. As you know, home is my happy place!

Chuck surprised me by taking off work a couple of hours early. It was super nice to have some time with just the two of us. We went out for a little date.
He took me to the cutest cupcake shop!
We shared a huge, delicious ebony and ivory cupcake. Yum!
It was wonderful to sit with my guy and have a nice long, uninterrupted conversation.
If you are looking for some encouragement as a homemaker I recommend you check out this blog When Queens Ride By. Be sure to start at the very beginning right here.

 I imagine many of you will recognize the first story as I have read it many times on different blogs and such. What I didn't know is that the story continued. I really enjoyed it and am sad that it looks like she is no longer writing. If you check it out let me know if you enjoyed it also.

Grocery shopping awaits and then I have to get busy at home. We received a text on Sunday from a cousin. They are camping in Kentucky and will be coming through our area on Friday. They were looking for a place to pitch their tent on their way home back to Iowa. It will be great catching up with them!  As you know when company is coming you need to put a little spit and polish on things. *smile* I've enjoyed chatting, but now I must run.

May your day be filled with joy in the journey!


  1. It's hard to believe the summer is almost gone already. It has been a hot one, so I am looking forward to the fall weather. Three of my grandchildren will be coming tonight to spend a few days with Grandma before their school routine starts back. Your new organizer is pretty; that should help keep everything in order plus it's pretty to look at. That.cupcake. though. YUM!!!!

  2. I quickly read through When Queens Ride By.... loved it! Do you think there will be more?

  3. Wendi,
    I am so excited for you to experience homeschooling!!!!
    It is wonderful, and planning is indeed exciting.
    Beautiful picture of you and your man. : )


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