Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Tuesday Tackle #10

Welcome to the back porch edition.
It was time to tackle a little cleaning. I pulled almost everything off. 
Things were sprayed and wiped down. Then it was time to put things back in place. 
I speak often about my back porch so I will give you a little tour.
This is the area to the left of the door that leads to the kitchen. I sit in this spot in the late afternoon when I want some sun or in the evening when I need a more light for reading. 

A great place for a meal, games or to complete a craft. 
This is the area where the most time is spent. It is under the kitchen window and is completely covered. If I am not cooking, cleaning, gardening or working on a project this is my go to spot. The fan keeps the air moving so the bugs can't land and there is always a cooling breeze. :)
These are the views I have while sitting under the window. 
This potting bench sits next to the rockers. It holds gardening tools, toys and such. 
This is the before picture. The faux tool box was made by Chuck as a Christmas gift for me one year. The intent was to use it as a flower box. I sat it here until I could get it painted and like how neat it made some odds and ends look by keeping them contained. 
As part of cleaning up the porch I finally tackled the tool box and gave it a coat of paint. 
I keep jars that I use as frost covers and don't have to worry about them being knocked off and broken.

I'm happy to have gotten rid of the dirt, dust and the spiders with their nasty little webs. Shudder!
The far end of the porch was left uncovered. When Megan was younger it was a great place for water play. These mini storage sheds hold outside toys, camping chairs and are used to store cushions and outside decor in the winter months. 
They were tackled also I was able to clear outgrown toys and items I used when I provided in home childcare. 
It feels wonderful to have tackled this space. 
I hope you enjoyed taking a peek at my favorite outdoor space. What projects have you tackled in the last week?

 May your day be filled with joy in the journey!


  1. Thanks for the tour, your back patio is just lovely! It's so big and nice, like having a big multipurpose room outdoors.
    I tackled my very messy craft room yesterday and am so happy it's organized once again.

  2. Ok, I am somewhat jealous!! I LOVE your back porch! I have a small patio and deck but they are uncovered. However they are a nice space and you have given me some inspiration to do a little outdoor decorationg/cleaning/sprucing up!! You are always providing me with encouragement to better my living soace and I thank you!!

  3. Your back porch is just lovely, perfect for family time! I hope to have a nice covered patio like it someday!


  4. I have always loved your back porch! I bet it sounds wonderful out there on a rainy day.
    Thank you for the tour...I enjoyed seeing it.

  5. Such a beautiful space to enjoy the day!
    And you did an amazing job!
    I am working on all those little things...clearing off my desk, sending graduation and wedding cards, paying bills, scheduling appointments, and doing laundry in between! Thanks for the inspiration, my friend! Have a cozy evening. : )


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