Thursday, May 18, 2017

Thrifty Thursday

 On Monday I posted about my Mother's Day gift. What I didn't tell you is I was able to get my hosta plants for free!
My mother-in-law had mentioned that she had been thinning out her hosta plants. I said I wish I had known since I needed some. She had more to thin and with a little digging labor we had free plants! This was a huge savings. I priced them when I was at the local hardware store getting flowers and they are selling for $7.98 a gallon. Once I had divided them and planted what we needed I was able to pass the remaining plants along to my mom. 

There is a nursery that has a yearly tomato sale. They sale itty bitty tomato plants for $0.10 each. 
They are now planted and ready to thrive. It might be a later harvest, but that is fine. 

I had a pot that had seen better days.  It started out as a pretty gray. After years of direct sun it was looking faded and quite frankly ugly. I purchased a can of spray paint for under $8. 
A little elbow grease and the pot has new life.The good news is there is plenty of spray paint left for another project.

I have been using free water from the rain barrels to water flowers. 
So there you go. I hope this encourages you to do things to save money. The old adage that every penny counts seems to apply more and more these days. I find it's much harder to stretch my pennies into nickles. *smile*  I find it encouraging to hear about other frugal adventures.

May your day be filled with joy in the journey!


  1. We shopped at the commissary yesterday and the cashier said it seems to her that most all prices were going up. I'm afraid she's right. We did find a bunch of marked down chicken and I'm thankful to be stocked up on legs, thighs, tenders and whole ones.
    My husband installed 3 rain barrels for us. We have had so much rain and it's great to be able to capture it and use later.

  2. Wow 10 cent tomato plants that is wonderful. I love hosta plants they are so pretty. I Love reading all the ways you have saved. I bought a bag of clothes pins today, so I can start hanging out our laundry to help cut back on the electric. I also bought a dish rack to start washing dishes by hand, to help us save on the water and electric by not running the dish washer. Happy savings!!

  3. Awesome! I was blessed with some plants for free to transplant a few weeks ago.

  4. You have such good tips, Wendi...
    Thanks so much for sharing them.
    And for inspiring!
    Have a cozy weekend. : )

  5. I would love some free hosta plants! They grow so prettily in the shade. And what a great bargain to get tomatoes at 0.10 each! I wish you the greatest and best harvest. I have great luck with my tomatoes by feeding them Alaska fish fertilizer, it is natural and pretty amazing stuff. Hugs to you today!

  6. I'm so happy that you were able to get all those hosta plants for free. What a blessing! Tomato plants for .10 each can't be beat either. :)


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