Sunday, November 13, 2016

Weekend Stuff

I don't usually talk politics nor do I intent to really start.  All I will say is that I had a mini melt down on social media last week and had to remind folks that if you say you are a Christian, then you need to act like a Christian. I have seen behavior from people from both political sides that left me upset with my fellow Americans.

My grandmother had a saying about troublesome things "the more you stir the pot, the more it stinks." I am sad to say that although well intended, I might have stirred the pot a little. I know better.

Unfortunately I am unable to step away from social media completely. I know that I mentioned working for a realtor. I am doing marketing for him and part of that job is maintaining his social media accounts.

I plan to step away as much as I can and focus on what is important to me. I will be spending time in prayer, taking care of my home and loving my family. Some might say I am burying my head in the sand and quite frankly I am okay with that. My little world makes me happy!

Speaking of my little world, lets see what has been happening around here.
I have been taking luke warm to cold showers for the latter part of the week. That is a killer as I like a hot shower. I like to say very warm, but my family says no it's hot! ;) Anyway, we limped along until the weekend when Chuck had more time to look into it.
We have hard water in our area due to a large amount of lime. The sediment had built up and burnt out the heating elements and some other part that I can't remember the name of. So, once again we have blown up the budget for the month. Sigh. Who needs gas and food anyway? Kidding, we have plenty of food and money for gas. It is just one more thing that makes us feel like we can't get ahead.

I am thankful that hubby is handy and was able to figure out the issue. It was a real pain and took him most of the weekend. We robbed Peter to pay Paul so to speak and were able to cover this expense without dipping into our emergency fund. Good thing as we will have to dip into it next week. That is a story to share for another day. It's all good though. Life happens, and you just keep having faith because it always works out.
I puttered around while Chuck worked. My sister works at a local hospital. Drug reps are always providing them with meals. (hmm, and we wonder why our health cost are so high!) She called and asked if we wanted some gravy. Sure! Apparently at the end of the day they throw away all of the leftovers. She couldn't see that happening since these containers had never been opened. I divided it down into 2 cup servings. Three bags went into the freezer and I served some for breakfast today.
I thought Chuck deserved a treat after a frustrating weekend. This is a treat I generally reserve for Christmas. Making it now gave me a chance to think about the ingredients I need to stock up on before I make it as gifts.
Most of the leaves have finally fallen. We went out and did a quick mow. The grass needed cut in the front yard and this gave me an opportunity to cut up leaves in the back. Chuck will probably cut one more time to mulch the rest of leaves. We have started seeing frost this weekend so that will speed up the rate of falling leaves. I am always sad when the lawn mower is put away for the season. It is one chore that I don't mind and it makes the change of season seem final once it ends.
Megan I spent some more time crafting. We are making ornaments for her to give to her classmates and for the grandparents. Once complete I will post a picture.

I did some light cleaning and plan to do some deep cleaning this week. I am trying to get things in order before the Christmas decorations come out. I plan to spend a day at my parents. I will deep clean at least their living room. Mom is doing really well but still has to watch moving her left arm and has weight restrictions.
Speaking of Christmas decor.... Chuck and his assistant brought up all of the Christmas containers. He took advantage of the decent weather. It really stinks if he has to drag it all up in the snow!

Enough chit chat for today. I still need to make the weekly menu, pack lunches and Megan is asking to watch Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!

Oh, and be kind with your comments. No nasty political comments please!


  1. I'm as sick of the political talk as you are.
    I will say I agree with President Obama when he said we all need to give Pres Elect Trump a chance.
    I hope that was not too political.

    Anyway, I'm sorry about the hot water heater. I'm guessing you had a bad ThermoCoupler. We've had our share of hot water heater problems. We ended up with a new clothes dryer this week when our old one died. I could live without a dryer but I'd rather not.

    Your Megan is growing up, she can use a hot glue gun by herself 👍

    And hooray for your sister to save the gravy for you. That will be delicious over biscuits or potatoes or rice.

  2. Good Morning!
    Its so nice that your hubby is so handy! Glad he got your water heater fixed and now you can get that hot shower in! ;)
    Caramel popcorn is one of our favorites and believe it or not, I make it all year. Its a cheap easy snack that goes a long ways. Well...sometimes!
    We are going to a friend's this week to make some pinecone crafts to give away to family. I love making crafts and I love that they are homemade!
    I'm glad to see Megan doing the same!
    Believe it or not, we still have some green leaves on some of our trees. This November is so odd this year. Still warm during the day, but getting rather cold at night. And we really need moisture, it is so dry!
    Enjoy your week and enjoy the season!
    Hugs to you, Wendi!

  3. This election was a tough one. We are all glad it is over! Sorry to hear about your hot water episode! Hard water is so tough on appliances. Hoping that the Lord makes up the difference somehow in your budget. Wonderful that you got some leftovers from your sister to use. Have fun with your crafting visit :) Hugs to you today!

  4. I am so over all the politics on Facebook, too! What is done is done, and all we can do is pray and move forward! I am itching to put up my Christmas decorations! I am thinking it is going to happen this weekend! I am a long time reader and rarely comment, but I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog!

  5. I am glad the election is over, I believe God put in who He needed to be in there. Keep your hearts and eyes to the eastern sky, He is coming oh so soon. Love all the post on your weekend projects.
    I always smile when I see a post from you. Have a wonderful week sweet friend.

  6. I am too glad the election is over. I am like you, feeling like we can never get ahead. Something always seems to happen around here or with the kids. I just found your blog. I enjoyed it!

  7. I am too glad the election is over. I am like you, feeling like we can never get ahead. Something always seems to happen around here or with the kids. I just found your blog. I enjoyed it!

  8. HA! I understand. I left Facebook and Twitter five months ago. I am fine with my blog and Pinterest. I have even found some great Bible studies on Pinterest. I try to focus on my own self and trust me that is a job. Good to see Megan crafting abdominal how blessed are we to have good husbands.

    1. Ha... and... not abdominal...told you I was a handful.

  9. I'm with you friend...tired of the politics! We have hard water here too and have to drain the sediment out of the bottom of our water heater every so often so that the heating element does not burn out. I love that Megan enjoys doing crafts...that is a gift from you to her and one that she will pass on to her own children one day. :)

    Be blessed and enjoy your decorating!


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