Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Simply Gorgeous

Oh my, the weather has been treating us right! We have seen temperatures in the 80's. I guess you could call this Indian Summer although I don't really feel that we have had Fall yet. A few cool days here and there, but it is November 2nd and we haven't had a frost yet!
Today is suppose to be close to 80* again. I am loving it! It makes it hard to be inside. My home is need of some TLC so I am forcing myself to stay in and do laundry. I will also to a quick pick up. I know these days are fleeting. I will have plenty of time for deep cleaning when the cooler weather makes an appearance. 

Time has been spent getting the outside of our little home ready for the cold days that we know will come. The first thing we did was clear out all of the flower beds.
 Chuck used the blower to blow leaves out from behind the lilacs and away from the fence line. Then we mowed. We still need to mow every week. Especially when the leaves really start to fall.
Once that was done we added $20 worth of mulch to the front landscape. The area where the lilies has been cut back really needed it. 

Chuck pulled out the power washer and gave the house a good rinse.
Boy did it need it! I came behind him and washed the windows I could reach. I didn't want to look out all winter and see water spots! There are a few more to go. Climbing more then once step on the ladder is out for me with my bum foot. Chuck will tackle those remaining over the weekend.  
The only thing left in the flower beds are the the mums. 
 While the work took place Megan was busy playing.  She is great about entertaining herself. Since she was little I never let her say she was bored. I told her only boring people get bored as there is always, always something you could be doing. After a few times through the years of hearing there was nothing to I would suggest a few things and if she keep saying no to my suggestions I finally said well then go clean this or that. It was funny how all of a sudden she found something to do!
 It hasn't been all work around here. There was time spent riding bikes,and we have made several visits to see different family members. 
If you are looking for me I will be outside soaking in the warmth, sunshine and beautiful scenery the change of season brings. 

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. Good Morning Wendi! We haven't really had much of a Fall either. Today, this morning however was in the mid 30's! It was chilly, way too chilly for me, so I lit a fire in my wood stove. I still haven't got quite warm yet. ;)

    This time of year is so busy. I cleaned out my flower bed last weekend. We are still getting a few things from the green house, so until the growth stops, we will leave that alone. We need to take out our swamp cooler, hopefully we can get to that this weekend. On warm days, it is hard to stay inside. I have things I should be doing, but wanted to schedule a few posts while the boys are at my moms. It's so quiet here! Ha!

    Everything looks really nice! It feels good to get things done! Glad Megan kept busy. I think I need to use the bored thing on my boys. I bet they'll all scattered and find things to do. ;)

    Enjoy your week!
    Hugs, Amy

  2. Here in SE Georgia, we really don't have Fall. The nights get down to the 50's (sometimes even 40's) but the days are 70's and even 80's, right through November.

    I remember Christmas Day's where I wore shorts! It will be Jan before the cold really takes hold and stays that way all the time. Then, by March, it will warm back up again. Crazy. Sometimes I like this weather, and sometimes, I don't! :D

  3. Fall has definitely hit here! We have a cold wind blowing today and that is making it hard for me to want to go outside and clean up the dog messes in the backyard. Enjoy the warmth while you have it!

  4. I am South of you we are in the 80's very dry...but loving this warm weather. I transplanted some little trees to my yard today. Next week is suppose to be nice as well.

  5. Great post! Our temperatures are up also but I didn't get much done outside. Maybe today, you inspired me.


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