Friday, November 18, 2016

Dear November

Dear November,
You have been so good to me this year. Your warm, sunny days are a balm to my soul. I thank you for the extended days of a summer feel.
 It has been my pleasure to sit out in the warmth and watch the leaves circle to the ground. The smell and the crisp crunch is distinctive to your month. 

 As the trees become bare it is a joy to peek at the hidden treasure. I see the squirrels have been busy with fluffing their nest for the cold to come. 

 The early sunset makes the time of light all that more precious.

  Your cool mornings and moments of frost and freeze let me know that the time is fleeting. Dear November, thank you for your wonderful gift this year. 
With love,
My friends, what a gift it has been. Today it will be 72* here. All of that will end as we settle in for the evening. A cold front is moving in and tomorrow the forecast is for a high of 42* with a wintry mix. The child in me wants to stomp my feet and say "no, no, no!" The adult in me knows that the extended warmth in November has truly been a gift. A gift that I am grateful for.

It has been some kind of week around here. We'll catch up on all the happenings next week. For today I plan to spend time soaking up as much of the beauty and warmth as I can.

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!



  1. Beautiful words, Wendi. Here in Texas it has been unusually warm as well, but we will be getting a cold front this weekend. I am ready! We suffer with such hot temperatures almost year round, when that first frost hits, my soul rejoices!

  2. Love this, that is what I could say about our November. We are turning off cold this weekend but not wintry mix.

  3. * but NO wintry mix. (smile)

  4. What a great way to be grateful and very artistic with words. I do love fall but I sure hope we get loads of snow! A forecast of no school, snuggles with hubby, giggles with my boy over my cooking, and we'll ok.. it will make me feel better for spending $498.00 on a snow blower.... I did get it 30% off and had coupons. Alas Autumn's beauty much like God's is free :)

  5. What a blessing for the warmth you have had. Its been the same here. We finally had to bring in our wood box for the winter, since we use a wood Stive to heat our home. Saturday was quite chilly and I burned wood all day. Today was in the 70's...crazy weather!
    We really could use some moisture, so if it needs to cool down to get some, then I will prepare for that day, I'm sure winter is still going to arrive sooner or later. ;)
    Enjoy your time in the sun!
    I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Wendi!
    Hugs, Amy


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