Monday, July 25, 2016

Winding Down

Summer has felt busy, crazy, joyful, fast, slow and wonderful. All of that and more! To say it has been one of best summers in a long time would be an understatement.

I know that summer is technically still in full swing, but due to a balanced school calendar it is winding down for us. Megan starts school Thursday. *gulp*  Am I ready? Nope. Honestly, I am never ready as I enjoy time with my girl.

School supplies have been purchased and sorted. Some in storage and others in bags ready for the big day.

We had some plans to make the most of our remaining time. Some things happened and other didn't. One of the reasons is because it has been hot! As I type this is the current temperature.
Yup, still 94* and it is now after 7 pm. That has led us to spending a bunch of our time cooling off. 
 We braved the heat at the beginning the heat wave to take in a baseball game.

 Chuck received six tickets from work and we were able to take his dad and a couple of cousins. There have also been an outing on paddle boats and several sleepover.

We have been enjoying lots of fresh foods.
 Some from the produce stand and most from our garden.  The garden is growing like crazy! So much so that I am now giving green beans away.
 I picked over six pounds of cucumbers one day.
 I took them to my moms and we made sweet pickle relish for the first time.
 A project or two is under way. I won't tell you how many years painting the rain barrel cover has been on the list. ;)
 We know that a tighter routine is on the horizon, but for the moment we are choosing to savor our last days.

 May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. What a fun fulled summer you all have had. I love reading your post.
    The pool looks so refreshing....your garden did wonderful. Have a wonderful day friend.

  2. It is winding down here for us as well. I love this time of year but I am ready for some much needed routine. Although once we get started I am always desiring to go back to fun summer mode. :)

    Looks like you have had a wonderful summer. starts early for girlie. seems early. ;)

  3. Loving megan's plaids! I can't believe that school is starting already for you guys. Sounds like you had a great summer! Our summer got off to a late start.. so we are savoring every second of it. It's easy for us being that we no longer have school aged children. ( that sounds so weird to say)
    Have a great rest of the week.

  4. Hello,

    I came over from "Simply Farmhouse" because I saw your comment there saying that you had to start school the next day. I don't like the whole idea of a balanced school calendar. It makes me feel that it is just a way to steal children away from homes longer, which could eventually lead to people accepting year round school or even having children sent to public boarding schools. That would be frightening. I know that the idea is alarming, but it is not so farfetched. The Chicago Tribune, in 2008, wrote about taking children from “dysfunctional homes,” saying that "Some children should not go home at night” because they are “not getting enough structure at home." Who will decide which homes are dysfunctional or do not have enough structure?

    Well, I certainly feel for you having your daughter back to school so early. My mother always said that she was sad when summer ended and it was time for her children to go back to school. I love my mother for that {Warm Smiles}, and she had 15 children.

    :) Hope


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