Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tidy Tuesday

Sunday night I made a comment about how our home went from neat Sunday morning to disaster Sunday evening when we were barely home. Chuck just laughed. Please tell me that I am not the only one that experiences that!? Monday took me away from home running errands and then we went out for dinner so not much was accomplished. After a slow start to the morning I told Megan it was time to get up and moving. A day to tidy things was in order!
I made Megan her list and then I started on the kitchen and moved on from there. 

It always amazes me how something as simple as making the bed will make a room seem put together. 

Megan's room is another story. This is the before and she has worked on it. She even marked tidy room off of his list. Not quite to my standards so we will be going in there together. The only way she will learn tidy is if I continue to teach her. 

Picking up and running the vacuum make such a huge difference in the feel of a home. Honestly it doesn't take long to do this. Now that things are fairly tidy I am moving on to other task. 
Laundry is in the works with a load in the dryer and the last one in the washer. The menu for the week has been made. Better late then never, right? Working on the budget is on the agenda also. I hope to get many things accomplished today as I will be out tomorrow morning taking my dad to an appointment. 

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. I think our house is always messier when we aren't home much. I think it's because we're in and out and drop things wherever and there's just no time to tidy when you're not there. I agree about the bed being made - even if it's messy the room looks better with a made bed.

  2. That is so true about the house getting dirty when you are hardly there, and busy too! It takes daily attention to keep a house running smooth, for sure, and I have been there many times when you just have to get a move on, and then things fall into place and get done quickly :) Loved the before and after photos... you are right, just making the bed can make a huge difference! :)

  3. I know!!! I had the same situation. Which was a slight bummer due to all the hard work I had done in the last weeks. But I just pulled the big girl boots on and got back at it. What else can you do!!
    Your home is so lovely.

  4. Yes, this happen to the best of us. I remind myself my home is not dirty ~ Just very lived in and we must live. Enjoy your home....

  5. My blogging friend Melanie calls housework "homecare" and I like that word.
    That's just what you did too.
    Your before and after photos are fun to look at.


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