Thursday, March 24, 2016

Busy Days

It has been a delightful week having Megan home. Chuck took off a couple of days to get some things done. It wasn't all work as we also spent some time out and about. We took Megan the farm store to see the baby chicks. She would love to have a few. I will admit that they are super cute and the idea of fresh eggs is tempting. The thought of the responsibility that comes with it such as cleaning out the coop and the start up cost keep me from saying yes. 
Grandma was taken out for lunch. 
There has been lots of home time. 
Cooking together.
There is always plenty of housework to be done.
 Of course there has been time to play.
Megan wrote a heartfelt note to the family of a local fallen officer. 
We had no idea she was doing this. She came out and asked Chuck to mail this for her. Oh my, how happy this made my heart. It is moments like this that let you know that you are on the right track with parenting.  

Chuck was able to get his project to the point of paint. We primed the ceiling the night before he returned to work and I primed the walls the next morning. 
The next time I tackle the ceiling I think I might need a hat! Thankfully I was able to scrub it all out as Megan and I had plans to get our hair trimmed today. 

Home and family make me a happy woman. I am happy to say that I have enjoyed an abundance of both this week. Tomorrow will be another busy day. A trip to a clothing store, the grocery store  and then I need to get started on some things for Easter. There are eggs to dye, food to prepare, and then I need to take time to slow down and prepare my heart. We hope that Chuck makes it home in time to attend the Good Friday service at church. I hope you all enjoy your time with family and especially Sunday service worshiping our risen Savior. Happy Easter!

  “It is finished!” And bowing His head, He gave up His spirit. John 19:30


  1. I cried reading the note your sweet daughter wrote. I have 2 sons who are police officers and also an uncle who is now retired. Please tell her thank you for me for doing such a kind thing. She is awesome!


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