Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Birthday Celebration!

Yesterday we celebrated a birthday. Whos birthday you ask, well, mine! I am not ashamed to say my 45th. I always shake my head when people say my 29th x 6. I see each year as a blessing and I am fine with celebrating it. Sure the celebration looks different as we age, but life is certainly something to celebrate.

It was a very low key event. It snowed in the morning and was extremely windy.
Chuck took Megan off to school and then returned home as he took a vacation day to spend with me. He returned home with a treat of Chick-fil-A sweet tea.
I certainly didn't expect this since the roads were not in the best shape. Surprises, even small, are nice!

Chuck baked a cake (using a mix from the pantry) and then said he would need to go to the store for frosting. Since our budget is tight (and I went over on my grocery budget this week!) I said I would take care of it.
It is the first time I had made any kind other then white buttercream. It was fun! Not exactly a keeper as it was more of a chocolate fudge and we prefer milk chocolate. If you don't get in the kitchen and try then you will never know what you are capable of doing!
For dinner steaks were grilled, I baked some potatoes and threw together a salad.
Enjoyed while wearing my very own birthday hat! 
Then it was present time!
I had given Chuck the Kohl's cash I earned with some purchases from Christmas along with money earned from my reward card.  The only cash spent was for the food grade bucket and the candy that Megan insisted he buy. I am happy with everything especially the bucket.
He even got the great sealing, easy open gamma lid for it. He knows me so well! (FYI:  our local Lowes carries these buckets and you can also get them from Amazon.)
 According to one little girl no birthday is complete with out cake. :)
Another birthday is on the books. Life is good and I am looking forward to all the blessing the Lord has in store for my 45th year!

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. Happy birthday! What a special and simple day! I had to smile about the Kohl's cash and rewards...sounds just like us! LOL

    The budget was on the tight side for our birthdays last summer so instead of picking a place to go eat, we used some of our birthday freebies we get from being on the email list of certain restaurants. Just as fun! For very little out of pocket.

  2. Happy birthday and may God bless. I too agree with you, there is nothing wrong with telling our ages and getting older. It is a blessing from God because so many people don't get to see another birthday. I pray that you had a wonderful and beautiful day and the rest of the week. I love visiting your blog.

  3. Happy Birthday! What a nice birthday it was for you. Your are so right...I am thankful for each year the Lord gives me. The cake looks so yummy!

  4. Happy birthday, Wendi! Sounds like it was a wonderful birthday! We love our food-safe buckets!

  5. Happy Birthday!
    Have a blessed and delightful year!
    What a sweet family you have! That's a present in itself...
    Your blog is so enjoyable,and I look forward visiting it.

  6. Wendi, it sounds like a wonderful birthday and I hope this new year is happy and goods just like your birthday.
    It's nice to see a photo of you and see that health is returning to you :)

  7. Happy Birthday, Wendi! I'll be 45 in February. While it is a little shocking, I love being this age. We've not had a lot of snow this winter, but Monday it came in finally. I hope you have a great day.

  8. A very Happy Birthday! Great Family time message and gift of presence!

  9. Happy Birthday to you, Wendi!! It looks like it was a special day for you. We had the exact same type of weather yesterday, blowing snow all morning but with little accumulation. I am so happy you are back to blogging!! And, remember, age is merely a number. I will be turning 60 this year and I have to tell myself that! :)

  10. Happy Birthday Wendi!
    I think your 4th Birthday was a hit and full of many blessings! Your age should be a reward rather than a punishment. Anything chocolate is a hit in our home and that cake looks fabulous! Chuck did a great job!
    Enjoy your week and stay warm!
    Hugs, Amy

    1. 4th birthday would be good too, but I meant 45th! These darn phones! Oy!

    2. 4th birthday would be good too, but I meant 45th! These darn phones! Oy!


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