Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Working Wednesday #3

Living in a small home (about 960 sq ft) storage and organization are always an issue. Adding some additional storage has been on the wish list for a while.  Chuck and Megan spent some time putting some storage units together.
Three large cabinets have been added to our third bedroom.
Excuse all of the clutter as this project was in full swing when I made my unexpected trip to the ER. It has certainly slowed down the progress in purging and organizing this space. 
As most of you know I keep a well stocked pantry. I buy things that we use often when they are on sale and stock up. I also do some canning. I now have a nice space to store these items. 
I had canning items and such stored on a shelf in the garage and was able to make space for them as well. I am happy because things will be cleaner and Chuck is happy because he will have more space in the garage. Win, win for both of us. 
I like that things are behind closed doors which makes the room look tidy. Now as my energy returns I have more cleaning, organizing, and purging to do in here. Look for this room to show up again in another weeks Working Wednesday. 

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. Oh my!! I LOVE these! I'm a little jealous! :) I, too, live in a small house with no basement and storage is an ongoing problem. What a wonderful solution!! What a blessing that you & Chuck work so well together in accomplishing these projects.

  2. Smart Idea...good for you all. I know you are loving the extra space.

  3. Love those shelves! What a nice storage area. We lived in 1000 or less sq. ft. for a number of years and now have around 1400 sq. ft. Still seems big to us! :-)

  4. You certainly can't have too much storage. I am sorry that you ended up in the ER. So glad that you are OK.

  5. Those are great cabinets! Hope you are continuing to feel better and your doctor gives you good news. Keeping you in prayer!


  6. I've been looking for cabinets just like these! May I ask where you bought them?


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