Thursday, June 04, 2015

Time is Flying By

Summer is in full swing around here. These three crazy, loving, active little ones keep me hopping.
I have been working on a project which resulted in my counter looking like this.
It was driving my crazy while I painted another cabinet.
Thankfully it is now complete and everything is back in its place.
Besides my project and the everyday stuff there has been fun. The pool is open at my parents and Megan is spending a big portion of her day there. The boys and I usually stop by for a dip after nap time.
The minion goggles crack me up!

We made silly putty one afternoon. (2 T cornstarch and 1 1/2 T dishsoap)
Using wax paper was a must as it was a little stickier after sitting for a moment.
The big thing happening around here is ripping out the garage.
The ceiling in the garage had been sagging. Once Chuck ripped it out he found the cause. The person who installed the pull down ladder to the attic cut the support beam to put it in. Chuck was not happy especially when he saw that if they had moved the stair over four inches they wouldn't have needed to cut the support beam. This is going to be an expensive, time consuming project. Thankfully we have been saving for this for a while.

Notice the extra place setting?  That has been the new norm as Chuck's dad has been helping with the garage. His only request is that I feed him. I think I can handle that!
If I don't see Megan floating around it usually means she has found a quiet place to read. :)
The boys will be on vacation again next week as their mom is taking a week break between jobs. The unexpected week off caused Chuck to change his vacation. He changed a later vacation week to this so we would have another week together without the boys. I told him I am looking for tons of progress in the garage! ;)  He laughed and said he is also.

May your day be filled with joy and contentment! 


  1. Thanks for sharing slices of your lovely family's life with us! You're a great mom who really savors time with her family- such a blessing!

    Kim from Philadelphia

  2. Looks like you are making great progress in your home.


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