Thursday, March 19, 2015

Out With The Old

It has turned out to be an expensive week around my home. The grill, washer and dryer have been replaced. Whew!  Chuck also introduced me to a new acronym: BER = Beyond Economical Repair.:)
We have never had a new grill. We had one from a garage sale and then Chuck took a broken grill my parents had replaced and was able to repair it. Last year it needed new burners due to one side cooking really hot. The ignitor also didn't work so we would light it with a lighter. No biggie as it still met our needs. Over the weekend the grill would not start. Chuck thought the tank was empty. No not it. New tank and he still couldn't get it to light. That is when he introduced me to BER. We purchased an inexpensive grill... well inexpensive as far as grills are concerned. 
That was meant to be our big purchase, but unfortunately it was not. A couple of weeks ago the washer threw the breaker. When I turned it back on the washer would not start. It was making the same humming sound when Chuck tried to start it. He left it and came in for dinner. When he returned it started. It worked but there were times when it did not spin well. I would just run the cycle again. We decided to run it until it died. 

Fast forward to this week and the dryer stopped working. It had been purchased used and we have had it for several years. Again Chuck said it was BER. Since the washer was on its last leg it was decided that a new set would be purchased. 
We did upgrade to an HE model. It wasn't much more then the traditional washer with an agitator. The savings on electricity and water should make up the difference. I have washed three loads and so far I am pleased. 

All of this has meant that I have eaten several of these. (Not bags, just eggs! ;))
Although we are not happy about all we have spent we are grateful. Grateful that we had the cash to pay for these. Grateful that Chuck could use his Veteran status to save on the purchase. We are looking forward to using these items for many, many years to come. 

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. Well, sometimes appliances just need to be replaced!

    We have a super old washer and dryer set. Both are still going strong and we plan to use them until they die.:-) But the time will come when it will make better sense to buy new ones rather than continue to repair. (Our dryer went through a string of repairs a few years ago--2 (different) repairs in the matter of weeks. We seriously thought with the 2nd that maybe we would be better off replacing. But we did the repair and so far no more repairs, 3 years later. So it was worth it that time...;-)

    Enjoy your new appliances!

  2. I hope all 3 of have a long, useful run for you.
    My husband is a Veteran do and we use those discounts whenever possible. It really takes off a nice amount too.

    I don't think I commented on Megan's room and I think it is beautiful, but it makes me a little sad that she is getting so grown up - silly me as I've never even met you. :)

  3. When it rains it pours..oh blessed your heart, it was pouring at your house. I am always thankful that just when things break down..the cash happens to be there too. God is faithful. Enjoy your new W&D and the new grill happy for you.

  4. I can't help but giggle about washers. When we moved here, an ugly 1971 gold Maytag washer went with the house.

    Funny, that thing is my age and still running. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it keeps right on running even though it is a water hog.

  5. When it rains, it pours, right? The ignitor on our grill has been broken for years & I think my husband got new grates for it last year. So it's just a matter of time for that. I got a new washer & dryer a few years ago and love them (weird, I know). It's amazing how much less water the newer models use. Enjoy all your new things!

  6. This year would have been 43 years of marriage for me, and in 43 years of housekeeping I have had only 3 washer/dryer sets. None lasted as long as the first ones! My current set is 8 years old and I hope it lasts a lot longer. I always worry about having the cash needed for repairs/replacements of needed items. I'm trying but my emergency fund isn't growing very rapidly.

  7. I am so sorry you had to make all these purchases at one time but thankful you were able to buy them when you needed. God is good. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  8. I feel your pain. We just had to buy a new washer in January, and this past week our dryer stopped working. We're not sure yet if it will be a repair or replacement.


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