Monday, March 16, 2015

Megan's "New" Room

Welcome to Megan's "new" room!
It is painted a wonderful shade of gray. Depending on the light it tends to look lavender or a twinge of blue. I would share the color name, but I wasn't pleased with my first choice and mixed some black and white in until I acheived my desired color. 

Before we step inside lets take a look at the before and after.
I am going to admit that once I started painting over the pink stripes I might have gotten a little teary eyed. :)  I painted the room and added a border that matched the crib set while we were waiting for Megan. Gulp... almost eight years ago! It was time for a change.

 As you know we do things around here on a tight budget. I had been planning this for the last year. Buying a couple things here and there plus adding things to her Christmas list. Enough talk... lets go take a peek!
The bedding and the cork M are items that were on the Christmas list. 
Our home is not large and I wanted things to feel light and airy. I went for something light and fresh for the window treatment. I also like the fact that as Megan grows these are netural enough that they will grow with her. 
This is my favorite grouping.
I have sang You Are My Sunshine since Megan was a baby. It is something that she will still request. As soon as I saw this print on FB I knew I had to print it!
This is also a favorite. This frame held a picture of ladybugs that previously hung on Megan's wall. I removed the print and added a chalkboard. Megan wrote out the Bible verse she is memorizing for the week. 
The desk is the only new piece of furniture. It is something that we wanted to add for a long time. It is one of the things Megan loves most about her room.
The bulletin board was previously in her room. I painted it and then covered the cork with wrapping paper and glued on a ribbon to cover the edge of the wrapping paper. 
The shelf above the desk was cleared off and many items did not return. Again going for simple. One end holds shells collected from our vacation to the beach and a boat the Megan made from a kit.
When our neighbor passed away Celia left Megan a piece of rose quarts and a small bird. Things that she would play with while visiting. 
These pictures were from her nursery. The colors went well and the flowers and butterflies are more little girl then baby.  
This is one of the new items.
The dresser is the original $5 dresser that was purchased at a garage sell. A fresh coat of paint was added.  The print above the dresser was printed from Pinterest and put in an existing frame and the Pray picture is something that was made in Sunday School. 
This lamp is new. I added some color to the white shade by using the same wrapping paper and ribbon used on the bulletin board. 
This was made by a high school friend of mine when Megan was a baby. 
A couple days after the room was finished I went in to kiss Megan goodnight. In her sleepy slumber she whispered "I am pleased with my room." Aww... I am so happy for you Megan!

I hope you enjoyed the tour. Have a great week!

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!


  1. I love it! The gray is really soothing. Great job "designing on a dime"!

  2. It looks great, Wendi!

  3. Oh I love it! Everything turned out so nicely! What a lucky little girl :-) Have a great week!


  4. Oh, that looks great! I love it!

  5. Lovely! Nice job, Wendi.

  6. Wendi ~ you did a great job, I love all the little pictures and touches.
    Megan is a young lady, her room fits her. So ~ Happy for her. Have a wonderful spring day.

  7. What a lucky little girl....not only for her pretty new room...but...having a wonderful and loving mommy and daddy!

  8. It's awesome! This should take her into teens. I had decorated two nurseries and had to paint over them eventually, which was so hard.

  9. It looks so pretty! No wonder she is excited with her beautiful newly decorated room.

  10. Megan's room is beautiful! I can so envison her sitting at the desk reading. Thanks for sharing the pictures. God bless.

  11. Megan's room is absolute adorable and so uplifting!! Any little girl would love to have such a comforting place to call her own! Marvelous job, Wendi!

    Happy Spring!



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