Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Lost for a Moment

In the middle of all of the hustle and bustle of the season I lost it. Not once, but twice. One afternoon I was overly tired, my back still aches from where I hurt it while exercising, a friend is having a tough time, and I was weary and quick frankly wore out.
So I did what any reasonable woman does and I sat in the middle of the living room one afternoon and cried. I then prayed and you know what? I felt better. Amazing what a good cry and heartfelt prayer will do for you.
After that I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening sitting with the heating pad. I also went to bed at 8 o'clock at least three night after that messy afternoon.
I sent out a text regarding my friend asking someone if they thought she would be offended if I bought some presents for the grandkids she is raising. It turned out even better then me buying presents. A group of us are going to bless the socks off of her! There will be presents for the boys and gift cards for our friend. I am surrounded by a group of wonderful, caring people. You know what... we are not only blessing this family, but more then that I am blessed!
Then I lost it again. That overwhelmed, stressed out feeling seems to creep up on me. I was looking at the list of cookie baking and party preparations for Megan's school. A day out of my home caroling and one of the little guys I watch not feeling well. I went to Chuck and poured my heart out.
I realized that I was mad that I stressed out by all the things that are suppose to wonderful. I cried that I felt like buying cookies for school but I didn't want to. That this is the last third grade Christmas party that I will get to bake for. As I cried and poured out my heart my wonderful husband did what he does best. He listened and encouraged me. In his warm embrace and the quiet of the evening I heard the little voice that said "be still."
My little girl is growing up fast and there are day when it all seems to be passing in a blur. It was in the moment of still that I decided I was going to do the things that are important. To embrace the things that really matter and not let the moments that mean so much pass me by. Time passing is really a good thing. That after all is God's plan. For children to grow up, for minutes to turn into hours and hours to turn into days.

So as I write this a sick little boy is laying on the couch watching Little Bear, his little brother is working a puzzle, sugar cooking dough is chilling, the dishwasher is humming, Megan is at school, Chuck is at work and I am feeling great. I will soldier on only doing the things that really matter and in those moments of struggle I will "be still."

I am still overwhelmed but now it is by God's grace, mercy, love and the thought of the child born to bring us hope. Through all of the "stuff" this season brings my wish is that all of us would stop and "be still." Be still to remember that the greatest gift we will ever receive is the true reason for this season.

Merry Christmas!
It has been over a week since I wrote this post.  I almost didn't hit the publish button.  I think that we all have these moments.  It sometimes helps to know that you aren't the only crazy, overly emotional person out there. :)  Thankfully that stressed, overwhelmed feeling hasn't creep up on me again! 


  1. I totally relate. Last Christmas, I had just burried my mom's mom. This Christmas it will be my dad's mom, both my dearest treasures. If it weren't for my kids, I'd cancel this year. Thankfully they won't let me, and they are a big help with the preparations. I'm glad that you are looking for what is most important, and consentrating on those things.

  2. This happens to all of us... :)
    Praying for you all!

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  4. Wendi Bless your heart. My friend I would of felt the same way if I had all the things you have to do. I get overwhelmed also. That is why I keep my life simple. I want to enjoy my girls and grands. Like you said life is passing by quickly. I will be praying for you..Merry Christmas and God Bless your family.

  5. You're not alone! I have been really over whelmed this year for some reason. I tried to make things more simple but it still got to me at a couple points. I really don't think us moms are alone in these feelings this time of year. Even when we try to do less we're still doing a lot. Have a Happy New Year!! :)


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