Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Soups On!

Fall is letting us know that it is taking over as we have had some chilly mornings and afternoons that are in the low 60's. A perfect time to grab an apron and get busy making something to warm us up.

I decided to make some soup.  I cooked and diced a chicken breast and then add some stock from when I stretched some chicken and couple of a carrots to make a starter for my soup. 

While the carrots softened and the stock cooked down and thickened I baked some cookies. This my week for bake sale at Megan's school.  

After baking cookies I finished up the soup.  

This is favorite for Megan so she was delighted when she saw me dishing this up.  :)

I made a sweet treat yesterday so we didn't need cookies for home.  I froze the remainder of the dough for a quick treat another day.  

 I hear we are going to have a slight warm up this weekend.  Yay!  As much as I love the cozy feeling of soup simmering away I am not quite ready for the cooler day to set in permanently.

May your day be filled with joy and contentment!   


  1. I made soup the other day as well. I made a big pot so we've been eating it up for lunch each day. I'm not ready for fall yet either. :)

  2. Good Morning Wendi!

    I love soup! And I think I could eat soup year round. Well, maybe except on the days that it reaches 100+ out. :-)

    I am always baking and I love to store my cookies in the freezer also. It makes them last a bit longer than if they were in the cookie jar.

    I hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for stopping by my blog today.

    I just love all your comments.


  3. I am really enjoying the cool down, too. I love to make soups and bake, but usually only in the cooler months, so my family is happy right now. I will miss watermelon and grilling, though. :)

  4. Love homemade soup and yes it's cool enough to get out those pots and pans and cook again. I do miss the summer we never really had however.

  5. Everything looks delicious!! Fall is such a great time for baking and we've had some lovely fall weather here. Can't wait for the leaves to change and all the beauty and the crisp fresh air! Have a wonderful night!


  6. I feel the same way, Wendi. It's been fun to dip into some fall temps, but I'm not ready to completely say goodbye to summer yet!

  7. all of the sudden.. I am soooo hungry!! The soup and cookies look delicious!


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